We’re partnering up with ITServicenet: delivering Nextcloud in Italy!

Meet ITServicenet

ITServicenet is an Italian company with over 2 decades of experience in managing open source servers and developing various software solutions. They handle virtualization, high availability, monitoring and storage, helping customers set up and manage a powerful, reliable infrastructure. ITServicenet offers Italian support and services around Nextcloud.

2 decades of open source experience

Over 100 companies, most of them Northern Italian, operating mainly in the Manufacturing industry and ITC trust the ITServicenet team to find the best solution for their IT needs.

The professionals who make up the team have over 20 years of experience in the implementation of open source enterprise solutions. In 2019 ITServicenet co-founded the Enterprise OSS association in order to spread the ‘open source for business’ philosophy and offer professional assistance to those who also believe in this philosophy and use open source technologies.

Nextcloud and ITServicenet

Among other open source solutions, Nextcloud is the one ITServicenet recommends to its customers for file sync & share and online collaboration. ITServicenet is one of the official Nextcloud partners and offers support services in the Italian language. Here’s some translation work they’ve been doing on some videos.

Dozens of businesses that are now using Nextcloud reacted with enthusiasm to the fact that they could access their office’s documents from anywhere, while all that data would still be on premises under their control and ownership. Work is now facilitated and lots of day to day tasks have become easier to handle.

Thanks, life’s now easier 😉 There’s a whole ecosystem of apps available for Nextcloud. Among all these, group folders, contacts, calendar and ONLYOFFICE that in the new Nextcloud Hub have been intelligently integrated, are highly appreciated by our clients!

More and more businesses in Italy are reaching out to benefit from the EFSS solution advantages and ITServicenet is planing to add an ad hoc training service so everyone can make the best use of the available Nextcloud features.

At ITServicenet, they strongly believe that the community behind the scene provides great added value to Nextcloud. And we, are always happy to welcome new open source advocate partners on board!

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