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this is a test, for the weekend

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Watch this webinar recording to learn why Nextcloud is the Ideal Platform for Government Organizations

Governments are shifting away from foreign cloud providers due to increasing concerns about digital sovereignty. In this evolving landscape, Nextcloud has emerged as the leading self-hosted private cloud solution for government organizations. With its strong security and privacy features, customizable interface, and flexible deployment options,...

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How to migrate to Nextcloud Hub

Watching this webinar recording will serve as an excellent preparation for your upcoming migration to Nextcloud Hub.

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Join our Expert Talk on: How Nextcloud enables Educational institutes to collaborate efficiently

Join our interactive video session with Nextcloud experts Mikaela Schneider, Roxana Bocancea and Fyruz Wahid to learn why many Educational institutes are moving away from Big Tech collaboration platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 to Nextcloud. They discuss the challenges these big platforms offer...

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