Nextcloud Enterprise for Universities, research institutes and schools

We at Nextcloud facilitate collaboration and protect data for education

Why do universities and schools use Nextcloud?

Educators are entrusted with the future of our children. Protecting their privacy is a key responsibility.

Ease of use

Students need to collaborate using tools which are as easy to use as the consumer platforms they are familiar with, or they will work around the tools provided.

Facilitate remote learning

Remote learning continues to grow in importance and any platform deployed needs to have first-class support for studying from home.

Large amount of data

Students and especially researchers create large amounts of data which has to be handled efficiently and at competitive cost.

Protect student data

Parents and society at large expect nothing but the best when it comes to the safety of their children, so privacy protection is critical.

How Nextcloud Enterprise benefits universities and schools

Nextcloud offers a modern, easy to use content collaboration platform accessible trough mobile, desktop and web interfaces. Students, teachers and researchers can collaborate in real time on documents, chat and engage in video calls, access their email or plan meetings in calendars. As a pure software vendor, Nextcloud does not force customers to host in its data centers but works with a variety of leading partners to provide SaaS or on-premises solutions.

  • keep existing user directories and storage
  • share between universities on your terms
  • flexible scaling
  • integration with popular e-learning platforms
  • full moderation options over children

Benefits of Nextcloud Enterprise

Only Nextcloud Enterprise offers educational institutes the reliability, security and compliance they need to confidently deploy software in critical environments.

Community Version Enterprise Version
Easy Sharing
Real-time collaboration
Scalability ~500 users Millions
Testing/QA community Enterprise QA
Security updates For 9 months For up to 5 years
Monitoring Basic monitoring Nextcloud Guard
Nextcloud Advertising
Special Enterprise ready Docker image
Branding basic branding of web UI, community advertising in product Full white labeling of clients and branding of web interface, no advertisement
Unlimited push Notifications
Early notification about security issues
Support SLA
up to 24/7
Knowledge base and training
Certified compliance

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Case studies Nextcloud Enterprise

Technische Universität Berlin logo

How the TU Berlin delivers file sync and share to 22.000 users

Sharing of privacy-sensitive data with other universities and teams within the same organization is critical to DFN members. It allows them to work together and collaborate. At the same time, Germany has some of the strongest data privacy laws in the world, so tubCloud needs to maintain the balance between sharing and privacy. Nextcloud also has these two functionalities – ability to share, and total control over privacy – baked in at its core, shared Dr. Thomas Hildmann, Head of the infrastructure department at tubIT and chairman of the DFN forum cloud-services


French universities and research organizations get access to Nextcloud

Our mission at RENATER is to enable seamless collaboration between over a thousand research and education institutions in France to protect data security and confidentiality. We study and experiment deeply with Nextcloud Global Scale for its high scalability capacities and its reliability that fit the needs of our project.

Regio IT

3000 users at ucloud4schools migrated to Nextcloud by regio iT

I see ucloud4schools as more than an educational cloud. It offers many apps that work together and shows possibilities that go far beyond the functions of an ordinary cloud. We will continue to extend our product and we are glad to have found a partner in Nextcloud with a healthy community and strong development and support capabilities, shared Stefan Döhler, project manager at regio iT


Nextcloud for 33K middle school students in France

Students work from home, inside Nextcloud Group Folders and use Collabora Online. This way teachers don’t have the issue that they don’t have the right Microsoft Office version to read the students’ work, avoiding interoperability problems.

Teachers and directors of schools use Collabora also for sharing and collaborating on administrative tasks.

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