Enterprise pricing

Nextcloud Enterprise is pre-configured, optimized and hardened for the special needs of large scale, production-critical enterprise deployments. It is backed by a Nextcloud Subscription which gives you access to our expertise, partner services and more.

Plans and pricing

Successfully host your private cloud with Nextcloud Enterprise.


Starting at 100 users 37.49€/user/year


Starting at 100 users for 67.89/user/year


Starting at 100 users for 99.99€/user/year


Starting at 100 users for 195€/user/year

Nextcloud Enterprise

Providing a secure, reliable, enterprise-ready product to sync and share data across platforms, internall and with third parties.
Mobile and desktop clients

Nextcloud-branded iOS, Android and desktop apps are free.
Enterprise capabilities

Powerful enterprise features like SAML authentication, Windows Network Drive support, password policies, audit-ready logging, workflow handling and more.
Fully Open Source

The AGPL license provides legal certainty for all customers and users.
Maintenance life cycle

If you need the certainty that you can remain on your stable, proven Nextcloud release for a long time.
1 year 1 year 5+ years 5+ years
Early security and stability patches

Ahead of time access to security and stability patches.
Reaction time

Questions and issues are generally responded to in this time, depending on the severity of the issue.
3 business days 2 business days 1 business day 1h, 4h, 12h or 24h
Portal support

Our Nextcloud Knowledge Portal helps you find answers to your questions or contact our professional support engineers.
Migration support¹

Some migrations are included, ask your sales representative for details.
Email support

You can contact our capable and responsive support engineers by email and expect a quick response time.

business hours

business hours

Extended business hours

up to 24/7

Phone support

You can contact our support engineers by phone in these times (Languages: German, English and Spanish)



up to 24/7

Extended support

If necessary, calls or remote sessions with our engineers to solve issues.
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Use your corporate design in branded and pre-configured sync clients for desktop and mobile.

MDM supported

MDM supported

Installation review¹

We will review your Nextcloud instance after you set it up and assist you in its configuration and fine-tuning
Custom consulting and integrations¹

If you need access to experienced engineers to built custom solutions for your unique needs.
Upgrade stand-by support¹

Upgrades can be disruptive. Our engineers will ensure yours will go smooth!
Support for clustered instances

Once you need to scale Nextcloud to large numbers of users, a full clustering solution is required. We will support your clustered instance.
Optional components

Can be separately purchased

Nextcloud TalkNextcloud Talk

Secure online meetings, chat and web conferencing




Nextcloud GroupwareNextcloud Groupware

Team planning and email made easy




Nextcloud OfficeNextcloud Office

Edit office documents collaboratively from within Nextcloud.





Edit office documents collaboratively from within Nextcloud.




Global Scale

Global Scale delivers a true globally scalable solution for deployments with hundreds of millions of users



SIP bridge for phone dial-in and dial-out

The SIP bridge connects Nextcloud Talk to a SIP provider. Requires a Nextcloud Talk subscription.
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Efficient classic, agile or hybrid project management in a secure environment, includes the OpenProject Nextcloud integration




SLA on fixes

We can guarantee turn-around times on mitigations and fixes for bugs.
Support for High Performance Back-end for Nextcloud Files (client push)

It reduces server load from desktop clients and web interface polling while delivering instant
notifications to users.
Microsoft integrations
Sendent Outlook Secure Sharing Add-in

Share and receive files in a secure way directly from Microsoft Outlook

Optional (Windows only)

Optional (Windows only)

Optional (Windows only)


Microsoft Office Online Server Connector

Support for the Microsoft Office Online Server connector, used within Office Online Integration app where enterprises can view and edit documents from within Nextcloud
Sendent Microsoft Exchange Connector

The Exchange Connector offers bi-directional syncing with Microsoft Exchange. With this new connector,
you can seamlessly sync your contacts and agenda items between Nextcloud Enterprise and Exchange.
Sendent Microsoft Teams Integration

The Teams integration offers sharing of files and documents within Microsoft Teams.
supported apps

The impressive Microsoft SharePoint Lists or Airtables alternative. Nextcloud Tables helps businesses and organizations manage their structured data

The knowledge management space for your organization. It’s the knowledge base for your business
where all the important information and know-how is.

The ideal note-taking app with simple features. It provides categories for better organization and
supports formatting using Markdown syntax.
Slack Integration

Slack integration lets you send files to Slack from Nextcloud Files.
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Miro Integration

Miro integration lets users create boards, share board links and open boards directly in Nextcloud.
Picker for Webex Integration

The picker is needed to use the Nextcloud Webex integration on Webex side. The integration allows
Webex users to view and edit documents on a Nextcloud instance.
GitHub Integration

Provides a dashboard widget displaying your most important notifications and a unified search provider
for repositories, issues and pull requests.
GitLab Integration

Provides a dashboard widget displaying your most important notifications and a unified search provider
for repositories, issues and merge requests
Jira Integration

Jira integration provides a dashboard widget displaying your important notifications, a unified search
provider to search for issues and notifications about recent activity related to your assigned issues.
Mattermost Integration

Provides a dashboard widget displaying your most important notifications and a unified search provider
for messages. It also lets you send files to Mattermost from Nextcloud Files
Notion Integration

Notion integration adds ability to search in Notion and render its links.
per user/year
up to 100 users

Pricing starts at 100 users. Contact us for a quote relevant for your specific market vertical.
37.49€ per user/year 67.89€ per user/year 99.99€ per user/year 195€ per user/year
up to 200 users

Contact us for a quote relevant for your specific market.
29.77€ per user/year 50.64€ per user/year 78.09€ per user/year 175€ per user/year
Additional pricing tiers and framework agreements are available up to millions of users

Contact us for a quote relevant for your specific market.

Request offer

Request offer

Request offer

Request offer


  • Prices are in Euro per year and net/excl. VAT.
  • Nextcloud subscriptions are available from 100 users and up.
  • ¹ subject to limitations, discuss with your sales representative
  • Our support is in English. Other languages possible through partners.
  • Nextcloud employees never gain access to your data as we do not offer hosting.
  • Unless explicitly stated, Nextcloud 5×8 support is in UTC +01:00. Other times possible on request.
  • Our subscription offers direct access to Nextcloud engineering expertise without a layer of support people in between.
Nextcloud Hub 3 Files
  • Easy access anywhere
  • Powerful access control
  • Infrastructure integration
  • Designed for humans
Nextcloud Hub 3 Talk
  • Group chat
  • Web conferencing
  • Screensharing
  • Unique protection
  • Avoid data leaks
Nextcloud Hub 3 Groupware
  • Team planning
  • Email made easy
  • Easy access, anywhere
  • Use your existing apps
Nextcloud Hub 3 Office
  • Self-hosted online office
  • View and reply to comments
  • Chat or have a call while editing
  • docx/pptx/xlsx support

Nextcloud Files offers an on-premise Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces.

Nextcloud Talk delivers on-premises, private audio/video conferencing and text chat through browser and mobile interfaces with integrated screen sharing and SIP integration.

Nextcloud Groupware integrates Calendar, Contacts, Mail and other productivity features to help teams get their work done faster, easier and on your terms.

Nextcloud Office is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite with collaborative editing, which supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats and works in all modern browsers.

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