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“When we have welcoming communities of contributors, open source software gets better and more useful to everyone.”

Limor Fried, Electrical Engineer, Inventor and Founder of open-source hardware company Adafruit

We believe in this ideal and love to work with our community. We are always looking to involve more people in Nextcloud, bringing in their ideas, creativity and efforts.

That’s why we came up with the idea to provide a fun chance to contribute through a contest:

Create a template!

Here is an opportunity for you to design a Document, Presentation or Draw template!

Templates are super helpful for our users to create content they need for work, home or personal use. Some ideas for useful templates include:

  • Letters
  • CVs/Resumes
  • Budgets
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Invoices
  • Calendars

In this friendly contest, we’re looking for high-quality templates that are practical to use, yet inspire others to create new documents, presentations and content they love! Use your expertise, creativity and commitment to make it easier for others to write!

How? It’s super easy. Go into Nextcloud Files, click the + button and select “Set up templates folder” to create a new template folder. In there, you can create a template using Nextcloud Office!

Your work will have the chance to be featured and enjoyed by many!

Get inspired ✨

Whatever motivates and inspires you, channel it into your template. Whether you’re a style and design enthusiast, love creating appeasing, visual graphics or are an outside-of-the-box program developer, this space is yours.

To help get your ideas flowing, click below for a few examples of some templates.

For font help, take a look at Google fonts or the Document Foundation wiki page on fonts.

For image help, check out for CC0 licensed images.

Just follow these rules

  • The template must be made available under the Creative Common CC0 (CC0 1.0 Universal) license
  • The template must not include any non-free content
  • Any image or graphics used must be created on your own or be compatible with the CC0 license (if you’re not the creator of the image/graphic you must provide a proper source)
  • The template must not rely on any proprietary fonts (only open source)
  • The template must be created in Nextcloud; a simple conversion from a template of another tool is not allowed

How to submit

The process is a simple as 1-2-3!

To make your submission, create a zip file or tarball with this content:

  • Your template file (name it: PROJECT NAME.odt/ott)
  • A text file with your full name and email address (name it: contact.txt)
  • A text file with all the source(s) in your template i.e. graphics, pictures, fonts, etc. (name it: sources.txt)
  • Please name the final zip file or tarball as follows: PROJECT NAME_LAST NAME_DATE (MM-YY format).
  • Finally, just upload below!

We look forward to reviewing your ideas!

The deadline for submissions is May 11th.

Contest winners will be announced shortly afterwards so stay tuned!


What ➡️ Nextcloud template contest

When 📅 Deadline: May 11

Who 👤 Anyone can participate, anywhere in the world

Why ✨ Win to get your work featured!

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