Nextcloud Office advances: UX testing starting

To aid government and business organizations migrating away from Microsoft 365, the Nextcloud Office team is looking for participants for UX studies. In particular, heavy users of Microsoft Office are encouraged to participate and provide their input so the team can identify and address the key blockers for migration.

Aim of the study

Nextcloud is widely deployed in businesses and government agencies across the globe. The introduction of Nextcloud Office marked a renewed focus on providing these organizations with a reliable, easy to use and familiar environment to collaborate on documents. To ensure a good fit for purpose, the Office team is looking to start a series of user experience tests and we are looking for participants. As many future Nextcloud Office users will be coming from Microsoft 365, we are particularly looking for heavy Microsoft Office users.

On basis of the results, we can identify the key points that are complicating the migration, be it interface, performance, usability, compatibility or other factors. Over the next months we will address these points.

Your input is invaluable

There will be both quantitative as well as qualitative studies and our team is also looking at existing studies and research papers.

As start, we have a survey aiming to identify some key areas for study and hopefully help us find candidates for the more in-depth interviews. To participate, click below!

Participate in the survey

As always, we of course respect your privacy. This data will ONLY be used for this usability study, No data is stored by us besides the answers to the questions so unless you give us your email address (last question) for further participation, we do not know who participated.

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