We’re partnering up with Factor group – Delivering Nextcloud in Russia and the CIS countries!

Meet Factor group

Factor group specializes in supplying the telecommunications industry with the world’s leading equipment and technological solutions, offering consulting services, pre-design and design works, pre-sale advice, equipment installation and commissioning support, employee training, as well as after-sales service, product versions updates, equipment repair and replacement. Factor group executives have expertise in networking and information technologies market in Russia and the CIS countries since 1991.

A large customer base of over 1000 companies operating in so many different fields, from Industry to Healthcare and Information technologies, requires a specialized team, which of course Factor group has! Many of these customers are very interested in Nextcloud. The Nextcloud products (Files, Groupware, Talk, Document collaboration) are well known and used already in Russian businesses.

Nextcloud partners up with Factor group

Nextcloud has a good possibility for integration into existing corporate infrastructure: from Active Directory to the Web Application Firewall. Because security is a quite big challenge, the possibility to publish Nextcloud behind WAF is very important.

Nextcloud Talk with the right security and encryption level, as an alternative to Zoom, is highly appreciated by our customers.

The largest companies that trust their IT needs to Factor group usually not trust cloud file storages and they ask for alternatives, as security is a key requirement to their business. The geo-market especially, is looking for open source, secure solutions that can be well adopted for the on-premise usage which is exactly what makes Nextcloud a perfect fit.

“Nextcloud is not only secure, it can be totally installed on premises under the control of the server’s owner, but also it is very flexible and can be adopted in so many different ways covering the needs of all our customers.”

How it started

Nextcloud has been appreciated as a perfect instrument that can help corporations make a good first step in the overall digitalization strategy in the coming years.

Factor group was in search of a platform for their own needs. They found Nextcloud as a suitable, flexible and freely distributed solution to organize a local platform for corporate information exchange and digital collaboration. When their customers started asking for on-premise solutions to organize secured cloud storage and digital collaboration, they were able to find information about Nextcloud on their own. After that a lot of articles about Nextcloud were written in Russian by satisfied customers. That’s how the idea about the partnership started!

Nextcloud community

A lot of articles and how-to guides on Nextcloud have been written and available in Russian. There is a strong Nextcloud community in Russia, CIS and former USSR countries. Factor group is also a part of this community and is taking the active role to popularize Nexcloud and expand the community.

We at Nextcloud are exited to welcome a new partner who shares our values on board!

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