Welcoming new team members!

2020 was quite the year when it comes to the Nextcloud server, clients and apps, as we already wrote about in an earlier blog and we are growing our team to support our continued growth. Late last year, Frank tweeted that Nextcloud is looking to hire some 20 people over the coming months, and we are over half-way there already! Let’s have a look at who joined.

Note that a bit later today we have some more big news coming, you can follow it live on our website!

Mitzi László – Head of Strategy

At Nextcloud Mitzi László will be involved in shaping the long-term company strategy. Mitzi has been an advocate for equity enhancing computational infrastructures for a little under a decade. She graduated in neuroscience specialising in decision making and has worked in a variety of roles ranging from evaluator to investment and ethics advisor for the European Commission to Solid manger for Inrupt. Read the interview with Mitzi here, where we asked her more in detail about her plans.



Uwe Presler – Director Sales

Uwe has been educated in IT sales an has worked for a variety of tech enterprises including Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone and more recently the SME market leading CRM, xRM CAS Software AG. He is experienced in the areas of partner and sales management as well as business development.


Lukas Reschke – Security Lead

Lukas was part of the crew that started Nextcloud. For a while, he worked at Facebook, creating privacy and security roadmaps, working on privacy incident management, security analysis, review and more. We are super happy that he is back now! He is responsible for many of the security hardenings in Nextcloud already and we expect he’ll introduce many more! In the past, he worked as security assessment and forensic investigator, reviewing security, training and dealing with breaches at Fortune 500 companies and several of the largest Swiss financial institutes.


Simon Ebentheuer – Senior account manager

Simon has gained sales experience in the past for ABB, Siemens and most recently for SUSE. Here he was responsible especially for manufacturing customers. Infected with the open source idea he is now happy to provide customers with more productivity thanks to the collaboration platform of Nextcloud. Simon studied teaching and technical journalism and lives in Nuremberg.

Joshua Ofor – Designer

Joshua is a multidisciplinary designer & art director, with a push for visual storytelling, sustainability & design par problem-solving. He currently seeks to design systems, spaces & create other forms of visual arts. He holds a brief but viable experience in the creative industry, previously working as a Snr. Creative Designer at Mesh Design Studios. He’s a TEDx aficionado, a design contributor at the Open Source Community Africa and a UN Youth Delegate.


Anna Larch – Software Engineer Groupware

Anna gained her BSc at University of Central Lancashire and worked for a few companies, most recently Barracuda.

Alexandra Boehm – Accountant

Alexandra is an experienced Accountant and Office Manager with a long history of working in the computer software industry.



Alex Zolotov – Software Engineer for the desktop client

Alex has a master’s degree in computer science. He worked in the gaming industry on well-known game franchises doing C++ and ActionScript but also freelanced while traveling through South East Asia in a variety of front-end and back-end work with JS, and even more with C++ and Qt. He’s into cyberpunk and 80’s heavy metal.

Felix Weilbach – Software Engineer for the desktop client

Felix apprenticed in automotive mechatronics and then decided to study Computer Science in Augsburg. He is a big free software fan and develops a small Android app named SplitBills. He’s an Emacs user and loves mountain biking.

Daniel Kesselberg – Software Engineer for Groupware & server

Daniel has been contributing to Nextcloud for several years and worked as a software engineer for much longer. As he’s a familiar face for server developers, we’re very excited that he has decided to join us!

Julien Veyssier – Software Engineer

Julien has a master’s degree in computer science and does public research for 10 years as scientific computing engineer in biology and geographical data processing. He loves interactive maps, collaborative tools, and is passionate about the Free Software movement. He started contributing to ownCloud and then Nextcloud five years ago and has developed 6 apps since then. He has much experience in data processing and computing optimization.

He already joined us a bit earlier last year, and was responsible for cool projects like the Talk Bridge and many of the integrations we did in Nextcloud 20!

Marcel Hibbe – Software Engineer Android Talk

Marcel has a master’s degree in Geoinformation and Visualization at University of Potsdam and has been developing mapping web applications, working on routing and navigation related topics.

Vincent Petry – Software Engineer Talk team

Vincent is a full-stack software engineer with many years of experience in the open-source space. He’s well-known for quickly finding bugs in various systems and his ability to debug deeply in unknown territories and also write extensive bug reports. He’s now working in the Nextcloud Talk team using Vue.js, PHP and Golang.

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