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Since 2011, TAB Digital has been helping companies and private users in the EU and Russia to build their private clouds or set up their online collaboration systems, supporting their infrastructure or taking care of maintenance. Around 900 active installations of small and medium sized companies in Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia and Russia with 11k users rely on the TAB Digital team to assure their cloud is up and running. TAB Digital started deploying Nextcloud for their customers operating in the Marketiing, Finance, Sport, Vehicle Service or Construction fields a year ago. Now, clients can count on them for a complete, reliable service and fast ticket reply.

We are happy to help users find better solutions. If they want perfect performance we provide the service in the best resources we can. Everything depends on their requests.

TAB Digital is helping users to find the best solution and Nextcloud has proven to be a good match for their clients. Customers are satisfied with Nextcloud as it continuously comes up with new innovative features and especially online collaboration tools are highly appreciated.

Nextcloud is the best solution in the world for team collaboration tools.

As per how it started, it was an online video tutorial on how to install Nextcloud. That raised the idea to collaborate with Nextcloud in this way and add it in their services list.

Now, based on positive feedback and customer suggestions, more ideas are open for future improvement and expansion of services. Customers since day one are still TAB Digital customers, so that means good services and strong understanding have been going on all along!

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