Nextcloud partners up with Kafit: security first!


Kafit is a small consultancy firm based in Sweden, offering Maintenance and support, Hosting and speciality services as systems design, Security, Performance, private clouds, VoIP solutions, Nextcloud and Virtual Data Rooms to over 150 customers.

Small, medium or large sized companies in Nordic countries, Africa, Cyprus and others operating in the Finance or Manufacturing industry are working with Kafit to find solutions on their day to day IT needs.

20+ years of experience

The broad knowledge of the consultants with 20+ years of experience who make up the team, the ability to see through the problem in a bigger picture and see how things are connected are the reasons why customers trust Kafit and Nextcloud as a solution suggested by them.

Nextcloud is a much better platform for productivity than Office 365!

Customers are very satisfied with Nextcloud delivered to them by Kafit so far. They believe that it is a much better tool than Office 365 since it is designed to be easy to use by all users and gives a better overview of the data they own. All the existing collaboration features and the ones being added after every new release are always a plus for the companies whose needs demand a more sophisticated system.

Nextcloud & Kafit: mutual trust

Because of the reasons mentioned above, Kafit and its customers are satisfied with Nextcloud. Yet, Kafit has some more to add!

It all started when they needed a more solid replacement for their own file server and a better, more dedicated way of sharing files and manage their own internal data. Three years ago Kafit decided to replace owncloud and start using Nextcloud.

Johan from Kafit says: Office 365 and Google apps were never an option as, since the begining of our company, we believed in open source, selfhosting and that one should have complete control over their own data. Therefore, the good security of Nextcloud on top of all the functionalities, features and ease of use made it a perfect fit for our own use and our customers.

And we, as Nextcloud, are very exited to have partners like Kafit, that share beliefs similar to ours, delivering Nextcloud for their customers.

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