New iOS version with 3D Touch and automatic photo upload

Today, a new version of the Nextcloud iOS app was released with some big improvements! This update adds 3D touch actions and the ability to automatically upload images taken with your camera in the background. It also comes with a number of bugfixes. German translations are removed for now, thanks to a big community effort in that area we’ll have far better translations with an update soon.

New and improved

Mew is the addition of 3D Touch Quick Actions and the ability to upload images in the background. This option requires the use of GPS to trigger the detection of new photos in the camera roll once the location changes significantly as iOS has no api to get notified of new images taken.

You can also upload all photos and videos on your device to your Nextcloud in one go.

Other changes:

  • If there was a change password on the server you now can change it without having to go to settings
  • Better handling of password locking
  • If password protection is enforced the app can now still share files and folders via links
  • Fixed thumbnails in the gallery

Go get it and enjoy!

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