Meet Oivan, our new partner!

Meet Oivan

Oivan harnesses the strengths of the web, mobile, cloud, cybersecurity, and blockchain technologies to help customers launch transformative digital services. Their international team of digitalization experts manages digital services’ entire lifecycle, from design and development to operations and analytics. Operations and cybersecurity experts at Oivan manage the continuous operations of several high-profile services with multi-million user bases. They employ 130 experts in Finland, the Middle East, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We turn our customer’s ideas into leading digital services with experience of over twenty years.

Oivan was born in 2020 when NXme and IWA merged. The cybersecurity and operations company NXme started in 2008, and the Digital services design and development company IWA was launched in 2009. NXme’s roots go back to 1998 when its team built the first iteration of the internet for a country in the Middle East.

Services include:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Software architecture design
  • Blockchain/DLT development
  • Operations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Integrations
  • Configuring 3rd Party Solutions
  • Analytics
  • AI & Machine learning

With our long history in providing cyber-secure digital services for our clients worldwide, we see fantastic potential in providing Nextcloud based solutions for our current and future clientele. There are firm believers in open-source software, decentralization, and privacy, and Nextcloud provides us with an excellent toolkit for building tailor-made communications solutions for our clients.
— Rami Korhonen, CEO, Oivan

Oivan operates in Nordic countries, the Middle East, South East Asia and is planning to expand in the coming years.
Offering Nextcloud services came as a result of a customer request. The customer wanted a dedicated, secure tool for internal communication of the employees who were using Whatsapp for work conversations. Afterwards, Oivan followed up with another implementation of Nextcloud files for another customer, and now Oivan is officially partnering up with Nextcloud.

Our clients like Nextcloud because the open-source nature allows them to run internal communications and file-sharing services privately and securely.

Take a look at what Oivan has been working on with their customer use cases and contact them if it looks like what your business needs.

About the Oivan team

  • A governmental Science and Technology organization selected the Oivan team to build and launch public internet services for a country in 1998. They still manage the national internet domain of that country.
  • The mobile app they made for their e-car charging service client Virta, was selected as the best EV charging solution at eMove360° conference awards.
  • The national housing e-service built by Oivan for a Middle-Eastern client won the gold medal in digital transformation in the International Customer Experience Awards 2020 competition.
  • Oivan team built the original Coinmotion cryptocurrency service, which has become one of the leading Nordic services in this rapidly developing field.

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