Introducing Tamkeen Technologies, our new Saudi-based partner!

Meet Tamkeen Technologies

Tamkeen Technologies is a Saudi company established in 2013 with a clear and ambitious vision to be the first choice for the government sector in IT. Their innovative solutions are designed to digitally transform the businesses of the public sector by adopting leading technologies, and leveraging on their strategic partnerships. Tamkeen Technologies’ services are formed to fit various modules and to ensure self-sustainability, improve performance and efficiency for their partners.

Tamkeen Technologies’ services

More than 4 dozen customers, mostly governmental institutions, in Saudi Arabia trust Tamkeen Technologies to help them solve their IT challenges by providing IT consultancy, application development, managed & professional services, cyber/information security & infrastructure services and cloud services using Nextcloud.

Tamkeen Technologies are partnering with other local SMEs to deliver the best quality of services possible to their customers while aligning with national & sectorial strategies, driven by Saudi Vision 2030

By no coincidence, Tamkeen Technologies is awarded as the best place to work at, in 2 consecutive years.

Why Saudi organizations choose Tamkeen Technologies:

  • CMMI Level 3 certified
  • TMMI Level 3 certified
  • Level 3 Data Center service provider
  • Certified in ISO for:
    • Process quality
    • Business continuity
    • Security
    • Service management
  • Dedicated incident response team for security
  • Internal penetration testing team
  • Self-owned dedicated Customer Care
  • 24/7 support available

The idea of deploying Nextcloud started as a customer need and became a service in 2019. Organizations needed to move to the cloud, store data on the cloud and be able to access files from anywhere while keeping the information secure in data centers within Saudi Arabia.

Nextcloud was the clear solution for our customers’ needs. They are very satisfied with the tool and our services providing it, of course!

A Self-Sustainable Business Model

Tamkeen’s partnering model is built around the government’s needs.

We believe in the power of successful collaborations, with our focus on reaching the desired outcome in a timely, cost-effective, scalable and a reliable manner!

At Tamkeen, they value the open-source nature of Nextcloud and other software in general, as an inspiration to bring more innovation in IT.

They believe that open-source solutions provide greater agility for a constantly changing future.

If Tamkeen Technologies is offering what you are looking for, contact them through their website!

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