Introducing our new Nextcloud partner, Compaso

Meet Compaso

Compaso is our newest partner and we talked to them about their services!

As a local German company focused on security and GDPR, Compaso has solved a wide variety of hosting, administration and development challenges for a variety of German customers since 2003.

They offer competitive prices for a flexible range of services like certified IT project management, open-source migration of systems, Linux and IT systems administration, monitoring & training courses, communication solutions and network design. With 17 years of experience in the in opensource and networking topics, Compaso has started offering Private Cloud solutions (Nextcloud) to their customers and are also working on voice assistants, PFsense-, 3Cx-, PRTG-solutions and more!

We can set up and maintain your digital collaboration infrastructure, guaranteeing secure and reliable service on-premises or in the cloud.

Small to medium-sized customers, from finance and consulting to crafting and logistics industries

Compaso offer their services based on service agreements or hourly rates to approximately 100 customers mainly in Germany and European countries, which conduct their business all over the world.

Most of our customers were looking for an alternative to migrate away to from Google cloud and Microsoft technologies. Nextcloud was a perfect, secure fit!

Nextcloud partnering up with Compaso: History and details

Compaso was looking for a secure open source cloud solution when cloud solutions and global cloud companies began to grow and started testing Nextcloud internally.

In the beginning they dealt with a few challenges while integrating a private cloud solution into established Microsoft Windows based environments.

From one version to the other Nextcloud became better, with more useful features and greater integration capabilities, making it easy to offer to our customers in productive environments.

As long as the system runs smoothly and the prices are competitive, customers feel satisfied. Nextcloud meets their crucial criteria such as security, GDPR compliance, integration with windows based solutions & other storage providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, Office365 etc) and of course, many regular feature additions around collaboration & productivity.

It is great to see continuous feature additions – Forms, Deck, Tasks, Talk, Calendar, Contacts and many more apps are great for coordination and team productivity. Customers are concerned about insecure and expensive solutions from Microsoft.

What’s next?

  • Compaso has planned some resources to start developing apps and plugins for Nextcloud in the next months. Ideas are on board and what’s left is to stay tunned for more awesome features!
  • Compaso is thinking also about deploying a standardized bundled hardware for small business with other helpful business functionalities.

Get in touch with Compaso

Take a look at and get in touch with Compaso to find out more about their services! Follow their social media channels for more news: Linkedin and Xing.

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