Introducing NOBUGS IT, taking care of the IT needs of businesses in Austria

Nextcloud regularly adds partners to its roster and today, we ask some questions from NOBUGS IT, a new partner in Austria.

Please, introduce yourself!

Founded in early 2018, NOBUGS IT GmbH is a small startup providing IT cloud msp/bsp solutions for small and big businesses in austria. We are currently located in Terfens, Austria, serving customers all over Tyrol and bordering states.
In order to keep management overhead as small as possible, our team consists of a small number of people that work closely together and contribute with their own skill set. Both founders (Ajdin Gazija and Christian Machalitsky) bring over ten years of experience in IT with them.

As service provider we believe that managed services are the future. As such, we try to improve a customer’s workflow through approved hard- and software solutions and to preemptively act on system failures to facilitate scalability. Yet, our customer group includes carpenters, tool trading companies, carrier companies and many more.

What makes you special?

NOBUGS IT GmbH. focuses on improving a customer’s scalability and availability of IT services of locally resident organizations. We convince through quality, reliability and security.

What do you offer customers with regards to Nextcloud?

We provide customers with business services, such as next generation email solutions (with anti-spam/virus/phishing/… mail-gateways,), backups and replication for enterprise hypervisors like kvm/vmware, next generation machine learning anti-virus, VPN/M2M connections, ERP systems and more. Furthermore, NOBUGS IT GmbH offers open source, hosted in our DCs or on-prem file hosting solutions via Nextcloud with no Space Limit for our business customers. This allows to lower TCO as it contains built-in features like office solutions (Microsoft Word/Excel) and greater flexibility than similar products.

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