Introducing Linuxfabrik, our new Swiss based Nextcloud partner!

Meet Linuxfabrik

Linuxfabrik was founded in 2016 in Zurich/Switzerland to provide companies with technical support up to 7×24, on consulting to operation and troubleshooting Linux hosts and selected Open Source Software.

They offer Business Services and Enterprise Support for Linux and Open Source applications. Linuxfabrik operates IT-infrastructures after modern industrial standards, automated, highly accessible and safe. They monitor your systems, inform about forthcoming problems or solve them immediately – and if a long term migration helps, support is provided from the appraisal to the implementation.

In order for you to deal with daily work efficiently, Linuxfabrik keeps you on the latest state of knowledge with professional training on open source technologies (mainly CentOS and Icinga). To find out how safe your new or old infrastructure is, they examine it thoroughly with Open Source Tools, recommend short or long term security measures and realise them.

Linuxfabrik services

Linuxfabrik helps customers get their job done offering hosting and as a Service product (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), focusing on security and GDPR compliance, handling Virtual Datacenters or single Virtual Machines and CIS, fully on an open source-based infrastructure using self-managed Hardware in a T4-like, ISO 27001 certified data centre in Switzerland.

With Linuxfabrik’s “as a Service” services, you obtain ready-to-use applications such as fully managed Nextcloud hosting.

What do customers think

Currently, around 60 mainly Swiss companies operating in the healthcare, government and IT fields, are trusting Linuxfabrik. While organizations in healthcare, lawyers, entertainment, journalism/publishing houses, NGOs, governmental institutions and others are trusting Linuxfabrik to secure their data on their Nextcloud.

At first, we needed Nextcloud for ourselves (using file-sharing, calendar, collaboration). After launching our datacenter and all systems like Ansible and Icinga, we found Nextcloud to be suitable for offering it to our customers, as it has an excellent reputation!

Nextcloud was not just the private cloud of choice of Linuxfabrik, but also demanded by customers, so other cloud platforms were not considered.

Customers using Nextcloud through Linuxfabrik receive CIS Security, 7×24 High Availability, and a location in Switzerland for their data, to comply with privacy laws.

Feature preferences

In general, the most important feature of Nextcloud for Linuxfabrik customers is file syncing and it has proven to work very well for them, while production-ready end to end encryption was a highly requested function.

Several solutions for online content collaboration platforms within Nextcloud are available, sometimes causing confusion to the customers on which one is the most suitable between Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE.
Of course, Nextcloud takes care of working closely with them both to make the integration better and bring more features & ease to the users. So the decision depends totally on what works the best for customers and their users.

Nextcloud provides a large ecosystem of apps on its app store and for most of the users, these functionalities come very handily. Of course, since many apps are developed from contributors and individual developers worldwide, Nextcloud can provide technical support only for selected ones, usually published by Nextcloud GmbH or its employees.

If Linuxfabrik is offering what you need, please, find out more or contact the team through their website!

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