Introducing Librebit, our new partner based in Spain!

Meet Librebit

Librebit is our new Nextcloud partner based in Spain. Specialized in rapid deployments with Puppet IT automation technologies, they have managed thousands of computers and servers with more than 80,000 systems! Librebit helps customers turn projects into reality by managing their servers and IT challenges while minimizing costs compared to the public cloud.

Why choose Librebit:

  • Fast local deployment with Othar, a special Linux distribution for remote access to the system.
  • Preventive maintenance with monitoring and alerts 24h.
  • Tier IV CPD infrastructures available in Europe.
  • Compliance with ISO27001, ISO20000, RGPD and ENS (National Security Scheme, Spanish Regulations).
  • System administration & Linux expertise (Debian and Ubuntu especially).
  • Fast deployments for personal computers with Linux in different environments like classrooms, companies or public administration.
  • Nextcloud Enterprise support.
  • Adaptability to the requirements of customers’ infrastructure.

Over 20 years of experience

Customers are impressed with all the features of Nextcloud! Customization of the graphical interface and the management of the information in the client’s own infrastructure are also a big plus!

Librebit offer their services mostly in Spain and Europe and provide support in the English, Spanish & Portuguese languages. They have more than 20 years of experience in offering specialized Linux support and have been using and deploying Nextcloud since it was founded. Librebit offer training and tutorials as well, to help customers use Nextcloud functionalities and applications in the most effective way for their business.

Happiness of our employees is Priceless, because Time is precious.

For their employees, Librebit has a philosophy of mutual benefit: the best results for customers come from a motivated, enthusiastic, healthy and happy team. This is exemplified in the Librebit 15 minute strategy:

  • 15 minutes to get to the office
  • 15 minutes to give you support
  • 15 minutes to the beach
  • 15 minutes to go out for dinner
  • 15 minutes to help you
  • 15 minutes to be with the family

Read more on the website and contact Librebit if their services are what you need!

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