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With more than 22 years of experience in multiple areas of professional web hosting services, has proven to be a reliable partner for business projects, from small to enterprise-sized.

As an official Nextcloud Gold partner, the company provides fully managed Nextcloud hosting in one of their three data centers in Germany and operates fully GDPR compliant. One of the key elements of the company’s infrastructure is a public API, which allows customers to fully integrate and automate all services from in their own workflow. is the only company in Europe that is offering a public API for a complete hosting stack and Managed Nextcloud.

Professionally trained in-house support and an extensive developer team ensure that existing services run smoothly while new technologies are integrated progressively, helping customers to reach their professional goals.

More than 55000 satisfied customers

Because of its flexibility and it’s app ecosystem, Nextcloud is a perfect solution for all those different types of customers. offers a broad selection of services to more than 55000 customers all over the world. Use cases vary from simple setups for families which, for example, want to manage their photos and their personal appointments, to highly complex custom developed setups for enterprises or well-known DAX companies which focus on projects and teamwork.

An early partnership!

We started with using Owncloud a long time ago. We watched the fork of Nextcloud closely and after some time we were convinced, that Nextcloud would be the better option.

At they were very satisfied with Nextcloud, and their customers were too!
Because of that, they started thinking about how they could offer Nextcloud on a large scale and became official partners very early. Of course, taking away also the small steps, like installing updates and maintaining servers for their customers, to make their Nextcloud experience as pleasant as possible.

The main challenge that the team faced was getting Nextcloud ready for mass deployment. Originally Nextcloud was developed to run one installation on one server. But then needed to run multiple Nextclouds on one server.

We addressed some hurdles we came across when preparing the software for mass deployment. With the help of the excellent Nextcloud support team, we managed to get our Managed Nextclouds running flawlessly in a short amount of time.

Next step and news?

  • will offer also optional features like the High-Performance Backend. Customers will be able to easily add it to their Nextcloud with a single click.
  • They successfully passed the ISO 27001 certification to ensure that effective security controls and policies are in place.
  • developers are actively supporting the Nextcloud community by committing features, bug fixes, etc.

Get in touch

In case you are interested you can always contact and/or follow on their twitter account and website.

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