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August 31, 2022


Fabrice Mous

In order to provide a seamless enterprise user experience, Nextcloud offers theming and branding capabilities for both servers and clients. The applied theming and branding can be distributed using our deployment technologies for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Theming versus Branding

How do theming and branding complement each other in Nextcloud? Both terms are often used in an interchangeable manner but do cover different capabilities.

Nextcloud Hub offers a built-in theming app to theme your Nextcloud server. The app allows you to configure logo, colors, name and important urls like the privacy policy and imprint.

Out of the box, the Nextcloud mobile apps adapt to the color scheme of the Nextcloud server and also use its configured logo and background in the apps.

Theming is available in all editions of Nextcloud Hub on both the Nextcloud server and Nextcloud clients.

Next to theming Nextcloud offers branding capabilities. Some of these branding capabilities are the use of a custom visual asset like a logo or icon, a custom help page and your pre-configured settings for easy setup and use within your organization.

Branded clients dramatically enhance your user corporate experience. Using pre-configured settings helps your end user to not have to choose a Nextcloud server but to immediately proceed to enter their login credentials.

Applying branding means you can use your logo and name in the app drawer instead of the Nextcloud logo and name and many more customizations can be made.

The whole experience of using Nextcloud Hub feels like an extension of your own organisation using your own corporate style. The branding applies to supported app platforms: Android, iOS and desktop Linux, Mac and Windows.

Branding is offered as a subscription and is available in the Standard and Premium versions of any Nextcloud subscription.

Deployment and device management

Nextcloud offers deployment technologies through Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) for desktops and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for mobile platforms. With this come branded desktop clients as MSI packages for easy roll-out in large organizations.

Many larger organizations use tools to manage their deployments of desktop and mobile apps. For mobile apps, various tools provide Mobile Device Management services which is supported by Nextcloud.

These deployment technologies are offered as a subscription and are available in the Premium versions of any Nextcloud subscription.

Here is a complete overview of the Nextcloud branded client options.

Overview Nextcloud branding


Web user interface

If your organization needs branded clients, contact us!

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