The capital of Albania moves to Nextcloud

The EU Commission’s website ‘Joinup’, covering interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens, shared the news that the capital and largest municipality of Albania has migrated to Nextcloud, providing enterprise file sync & share and collaboration capabilities to over 600 employees.

According to the article, the IT department sees Nextcloud as

the best choice among similar products they considered, to address the needs of more than 600 employees of the municipality for secure file sharing and different applications like the Collabora Online tools, the Calendar, the Chat app, the mobile client(s) and more apps of the Nextcloud ecosystem.

With a move like this, the Tirana government stays in control over their citizens’ data, avoiding leaking sensitive information on police suspects or people in witness protection like the Swedish authorities recently experienced after outsourcing IT to public cloud services from IBM and NCR.

You might know that we have an active community in Albania with over 100 members, organizing meetups, sprints, and conferences; and the contributors have been a major driver in local interest in Nextcloud and other open source technologies. Our Rails Girls Summer of Code team is also in Tirana and you can expect the migration and RGSoC to be hot topics at the Nextcloud Conference!

You can read the full article on the website.


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