Talk apps for iOS and Android introduce message forwarding, clear chat

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September 3, 2021


Jos Poortvliet

It is all about the journey, not the end. As part of that journey, new releases of the Android and iOS apps for Talk mark the availability of two new features: forwarding messages and clearing of chat history. Combined with RTL support and improved accessibility, these releases are another step forward, just a month since we released Nextcloud Talk 12! You will need at least Talk 12.1.0 to benefit from these improvements, where they will show up as well.

New features

The main new features in these releases are:

  • Clear chat history (as moderator)
  • Forward messages
  • Improved accessibility, RTL Support
Clear chat messages in web UI
Clear chat messages in web UI
Clear chat messages in Android UI
Clear chat messages in Android UI

Clear chat messages in Android UI
Forward message 1
Forward message 1
Forward message 2
Forward message 2

Talk 12

As a reminder, Talk 12 introduced quite a list of improvements, providing a strong alternative to centralized chat apps like Skype, Whatsapp and others:

  • Deck integration (create task from chat message, share a task into a chat)
  • Send voice messages (web and mobile)
  • Share your location (mobile)
  • Share contacts (mobile, from the Contacts app)
  • See and edit your own profile information now also in the mobile apps
  • Privacy settings in your profile
  • Multi-Session (web and mobile – no video)
  • Delete messages up to 6 hours after you sent them
  • Get a direct link to a chat message
  • Sounds for join/leave call members
  • Outlook integration with Talk
  • UI improvements on mobile
    • You can now share a file into a chat room from the OS share dialog
    • Android: open files inside app (jpg, .png, .gif, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .wav, .txt, .md)
    • other data types are opened with external apps if they are able to handle it
    • Android: add grid view for calls, make own video movable
Record a voice message
Record a voice message
Share current location
Share current location
Shared a contact
Shared a contact

Learn more in the release blog.

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