Nextcloud Talk 1.1.0 with Push-to-talk, improved call actions, F-droid support

Today Nextcloud releases Nextcloud Talk for Android 1.1. This update brings a number of interface and feature improvements to the Android app, including Push-to-talk, F-Droid support and improved call actions.

Nextcloud Talk is a self-hosted, enterprise-ready audio/video and text chat solution giving users the highest degree of control over their data and communication. It was announced on January 11, 2018, and we are excited to see that our Android app is nearing 10K active users already!

Major features

This release brings several new features and improvements.

Contact view

The design of Talk’s contact view was reworked, among others with the possibility to group contacts.


Push-to-talk was added for this release, bringing half duplex mode to the Nextcloud Talk app. It is now possible to have calls where only one party can speak at the same time when using the app. This is very useful, for example, in calls with larger groups in enterprise environments.

Group and public calls

Since this release, you can create group and public calls on the Nextcloud Talk app.

Public calls

It is now possible to join public calls on your own or someone else’s server using the app. This also works for password-protected calls.

Call actions

You can now set, change and clear passwords for calls as well as rename and share calls. With this release comes also the possibility to make calls private or public from the mobile interface.


Support for F-Droid has been added for this release, giving users of this Open Source Android app store access to our Nextcloud Talk app.

Many more improvements

Of course this version of Talk also brings many bugfixes and additional improvements. Here’s a quick list:

  • Updated SSL protocols support
  • Audio-only calls are now default
  • Larger and nicer call control buttons (camera toggle, camera switch, end call and microphone switch)
  • All animations were reworked. This includes a nice introduction spotlight for the Push-to-talk feature and a nicer call controls animation. Additionally, the bottom navigation view is now hidden when scrolling.

If you have not checked out Nextcloud Talk, time to get started:

If you encounter any problems, you can report them here in our github repository. That is also where you can get involved in development! And in the play store, you can choose to join the Beta channel for the Android Talk app to help test.

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