Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in 2.0 Out

We’re proud to introduce an update to our Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in. Based on customer feedback and request, this version introduces High DPI support, branding, enforcement of server policies and more!


The Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in is the safest and easiest way of sharing files. It enables Nextcloud customers to easily and securely send files, folders or upload links to others from within Microsoft Outlook. The Add-in can replace attachments, automatically uploading files to Nextcloud and inserting a secure link in the email. It also makes it easy for users to provide others with a secure file upload link. Benefits are numerous: storage savings, less network traffic, better company policies enforcement, and no more risky attachments. The latest version integrates significant improvements:

  • High DPI support
  • Branding support
  • Nextcloud Server policies enforced
  • Upload Files / Share Public Folder option in the ‘message’ tab
  • User-friendly ‘setup’ dialog to get new users going

Thanks to these improvements securely sharing files by mail in Outlook is safer, easier and more convenient than ever! Nextcloud customers can contact sales  to get access to the new version. If you’re interested in purchasing the Add-in or want to learn more, see our Outlook page

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