Nextcloud QA – help us make the Nextcloud Android app even better!

One of the things that make Nextcloud awesome is our awesome community! The community helps us turn Nextcloud into something better than before and better than anything else! 🙂

We appreciate all the work and effort that the community contributes back to the project, by solving issues, reporting them, translating Nextcloud in other languages, promoting it or helping out other users on the forums.

Nextcloud QA

While contributors give a part of their time to make Nextcloud nicer, we try to make it easier for anyone to get involved and the Android team has been working on that.

Are you using the Nextcloud Android client? If so, this improvement is for you: super easy testing of improvements by making a special build of the Android app for each change 😉

What does that mean?

This means that you can be the one to test an improvement you requested to confirm it is solved correctly. Or even test other fixes if you would like to. A direct download for every PR has been implemented, so anyone can test the APK that includes the fix in parallel to the production version you are using.

If you are an Android user and while using Nextcloud on your mobile phone you encounter an issue with the app, first you have to create a bug report on GitHub. It is recommended that you first search for that problem in the “issues” section, as somebody else might have already reported it. In case you don’t find it there, continue with reporting a new one.

Then, when the Android team works on it and fixes it, they will ask you to test it. All you have to do is download the APK file we will provide you with, and you will be able to install the version of Nextcloud that includes the fix, testing it in parallel to the production version. Check if the issue is solved and let the team know about the result by commenting on that issue on GitHub.

If it worked, you can delete the testing version and we will include the fix on the next release so you or everybody can get the updates from the app store.

Nextcloud Dev

Another way to get involved in testing the Android client is Nextcoud Dev app, which you can download on F-Droid alongside with the official Nextcloud app. The Dev version checks once a day if the source code was updated and gets the changes from there, making all new features available for testing before the official release. This way, you can check if new fixes of the app work properly and also test new features before they are released as part of the official app.

Contribute to Nextcloud

This is a super easy way to get involved to Android client testing. Check here for more ways you can get involved and become part of the awesome Nextcloud community!

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