Nextcloud nominated for CloudComputing-Insider Award 2023: Vote now!

This is the seventh time that Nextcloud is nominated for the CloudComputing-Insider Award! Thank you to everybody who voted for us in the previous years. We appreciate your support and let’s make it together again to win first place!

As the form is in German, if you need help, read on for some quick tips that help you get through the German form fast!

insiders award 2023 nextcloud

Let’s make it together to 1st place in 2023!

Over the last six years, readers of the renowned German “Insider Medien” magazine have voted Nextcloud to third, second, and three times first place! Share your love again for your preferred Filesharing & Collaboration Tool and let’s make it together to the first spot in 2023!

The voting form is available in German only, so here’s a quick guide for English speakers. Click the button below and then follow the steps: Note: Even if your browser has automatic translations, the voting is in a box that does not translate itself.

  1. Open the form, Click on “Los geht’s which means “Let’s go”
  2. Confirm “ok” or just scroll down
  3. Scroll to the “Cloud Content Management” category or “Kategorie” and click the Nextcloud logo to vote (or the one you prefer) and press “ok” Note: It will be selected in red
  4. Scroll fully down and click on “Weiter” meaning “Continue” to fill out the following:
  5. The next page has several options:
    • Click “Nein” for “No” to decline or “Ja” for “Yes” to subscribe to their newsletter
    • Select which other IT themes interest you (optional)
    • Fill out your information
    • Click “Nein” for “No” to decline or “Ja” for “Yes” to join in on the contest
  6. Finally, click “Umfrage abschliessen” or “complete survey” to submit the vote!

Thank you for your time and support!

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