Nextcloud iOS client turns 2.25.9: complete integration with Nextcloud Hub!

Nextcloud client for iOS – 2.25.9

The Nextcloud iOS app has been updated again with a number of nice improvements including some of the fresh new features of Nextcloud Hub (Nextcloud 18), as you might have noticed already. Nextcloud 2.25.9 for iOS is available in the App Store!

What’s new?

  • Complete integration with Nextcloud Hub
  • Rich workspaces
  • Integration with ONLYOFFICE

More fixes:

  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Improvements for iPhone Max series
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Rich workspaces image

Rich workspaces

The latest Nextcloud server release, introduces rich workspaces, which are available also on the Nextcloud app for iOS! This is a new feature that allows you to embed text above a folder view. You can describe what that folder is about, what kind of files it contains, the nature of the files on that folder, notes, links or anything that is useful for the other users to know. Read and edit that content on your mobile, too!

ONLYOFFICE integration

Reading, editing and creating documents is now possible also on your mobile from now on as this release brings integration with ONLYOFFICE to your iOS device. Collaboration on the go grows it capabilities, allowing you to work on text documents, presentations and spreadsheets while on your mobile!

No need to be at the office to finish up or edit important parts of your presentation or an opinion article: add that line that just came to your mind when on the way to an appointment, which perfectly makes your point, before it goes away!

Note: These two features come to your iOS as part of the Nextcloud Hub integration. This means that workspaces and ONLYOFFICE integration are available on your mobile only if your server runs Nextcloud 18 (or newer).

New menu image
New menu image
ONLYOFICE document image


We appreciate your feedback! If you’d like to share your comments with us, continue the discussion in our forums. What’s the best thing about the iOS app so far?

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