Nextcloud GmbH joins the LOT Network

Nextcloud was founded on the idea that the true open source is great for business and home users alike. We joined the Open Source Business Alliance in Germany to help promote this idea and use openChain to validate our licensing model so our customers can rest assured our software is what we say it is.

The fastest-growing solution to the patent troll problem

A next, logical step, would be to address software patents. We’d like to announce that Nextcloud has formally joined the LOT Network, putting us in the company of businesses like Tesla, CISCO, ebay, Volkswagen, and Oracle.

What is the LOT Network

What does Nextcloud have in common with Lyft, Facebook, Amazon or Salesforce? As members of the LOT Network, we’re protected against over 800,000 patents that are or could end up in the hands of patent trolls!
The LOT Network protects its members from lawsuits from Patent Assertion Entities (PAE or Patent Trolls). When a member of the network sells or transfers a patent to a patent troll, all members are automatically granted immunity against lawsuits from that troll for the life of that patent.

This effectively neutralizes the threat of these nasty inhibitors of innovation! The Lot Network is a not-for-profit association of international companies, looking for any company, university or inventor to join. You can learn more about the LOT network and how it works on this page.

We’re very happy to join the team and help keep harmful trolls out of the software business!

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