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Mozilla announced that due to a stronger product focus they will be shutting down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes. Unfortunately Send has been abused to distribute malware and was shut down. It will not be coming back… Firefox Notes was designed to easily sync notes between devices. The android app will be shut down in November. The Firefox Notes desktop browser extension will remain but will no longer be maintained. You will be able to export your notes, however.

Replacing Notes

Nextcloud Notes is among the most popular apps for Nextcloud. There is a well maintained Android app available, unfortunately the iOS app is not as well regarded. The community has also developed a desktop app for Mac OS X!

Nextcloud Notes

Quick Notes in action

Of course, there are other options in the Nextcloud ecosystem. There is QOwnNotes, a powerful cross-platform note taking app, and the popular Joplin note taking app also features excellent Nextcloud integration. If that sounds like you have a lot of options, we’re not done yet: the Carnet note taking app is also very powerful and comes with its own Android app. And finally there is the Quick Notes app featuring basic rich text but otherwise keeping it simple.

If you wish to move over from Firefox Notes, give these apps a try and pick the one that is most to your liking! You can simply search in our app store for your favorite note taking options. The export of Firefox Notes will give you html while most of our note apps are more markdown-based, but luckily there are some websites that let you turn html into markdown like this one.

Replacing Send

Of course, Nextcloud is a great replacement for send, capable of sharing files of any size with ease. With images, office documents, PDF and videos, a preview is even available in the browser and in case of office documents, you can share them with write permissions so the recipient can edit them with you!

Learn more about sharing in Nextcloud on our website.

File-drop: securely receive files

A nice bonus is that Nextcloud also makes it easy to receive files. You can send people a file-drop link where they can easily upload files to you! Learn more about file drop on our website.

A video of file sharing in action

File-drop in action

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