Nextcloud Deck release improves integration & collaboration features

It has been a week of releases with Monday our Outlook Add-in, yesterday our Desktop Client and today we’re making available an update to Deck, our team planning Kanban app part of our Groupware suite. This version integrates Activities and improves on comments on cards, introduces a REST API, undo, shortcuts and much more.

What is new

With a major Nextcloud release coming (Nextcloud 15 Beta 1 is already out! while Beta 2 is coming later today), many apps are preparing updates to be compatible with the latest and greatest from the Nextcloud team. Deck takes the opportunity to deliver a number of improvements. Let’s walk through them.

User interface & collaboration improvements

The main area of improvement has been around further facilitating team work. The new Activity integration makes it easier to keep track of what is happening and users can comment on cards in the revamped sidebar, following the design style of Nextcloud 15. You’ll get notified when you are mentioned or when a card was assigned to you.

Editing and viewing

Editing and viewing cards has improved, with a new compact mode, inline editing of card titles and an improved view when printing a board.

Get work done!

You can now quickly assign a card to yourself, fitting with the accessibility improvements in Nextcloud 14, but if you make mistakes – the deletion of cards and stacks can now be undone!

Integration of external apps

This release introduces a REST API for external apps and services, and an android app is already in development by our amazing community!

Find a full changelog on github.

Get the new deck app now – navigate to your Nextcloud app manager and update!

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