Nextcloud Conference 2020: Save the date!

Nextcloud fans, we have some good news! Maybe it’s not possible to meet this year in person and hardly anything can replace it, but let’s still hang out, work, learn, meet new people, and have some fun virtually all together!

Join us in our fully online adventure 🛰, where we will stream great talks, organize workshops and share with you fun moments through photos and videos on our social channels!

The next edition of the Nextcloud Conference will happen on October 3-4, 2020. After the weekend of various sessions, we’ll spend another week to code together, enjoy fun evenings, and work on making Nextcloud even more awesome for all of us!

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What’s the big plan?

Our event consists of a weekend of talks and workshops. In the days after that weekend, we host what is basically like one of our roughly bi-monthly Contributor Weeks – weeks on steroids! ⚡ The whole event is taking place now online with a streaming team from one location with the aim of giving a feeling of being present physically and socially connected through our channels, which makes the event a hybrid kind of event. Think intensive discussions and coding, only interrupted by relaxing evening as online meet-ups!

The official conference hashtag is #nextcloudconf2020 – let’s connect! 

Conference: Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4

Saturday and Sunday is the time for the “real” conference: We kick off each day with an inspirational keynote and a dozen lightning talks!

The later afternoon is reserved for workshops where we discuss and work on subjects like Talk, encryption, mobile clients and more. Some workshops will give you the opportunity to go in-depth into topics like security or writing new apps. We’ll also feature workshops with more of a beginner focus for those interested in getting involved in Nextcloud. New to coding? NO problem, we’re open to prospective contributors with all skill levels!

How it goes online? 🛰

In the last few years, our community would meet in ever-larger numbers at the TU Berlin. Due to the current crisis, we won’t be able to do that this year. As we always streamed our event for the many community members who could not be there physically, we decided to level up the online element and tone down the physical part.

The plan is that the conference will be real-time, streamed on multiple platforms with a Nextcloud server used as the primary place to communicate and follow the event. Locally in Berlin, a small number of people, mostly speakers, will get together and act as a ‘hub’ for the event. But many speakers will participate remotely, as will you, our wider community!

Each talk will be followed up by a live Q&A session on our shared Nextcloud Talk channel and during breaks in the talks, we will feature interviews with community members, speakers and our booths. Yes, there will be other projects there to present themselves – virtually, of course!

Workshops are entirely interactive, taking place in a Talk session and open to (a limited number of) participants to ask questions or share their progress during the workshop.

As a remote participant in the event, YOU will have a say in what we do locally. What speakers to interview, questions to ask at the booths and more.


Contributor week: Tuesday-Friday, October 6-9

The week after, we will be busy coding, designing, discussing, and working on the future of private, federated, secure cloud technology! But not just that! As we can’t see us in person and that time spent physically is impossible to replace, we still want to have relaxing, fun evenings together! So come, bring your ideas and let’s hang out together, virtually!

Sign up for the event and stay tuned for more details coming in the next weeks! 🛰👾

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