Nextcloud Conference 2018: Contributor Travel Support Program!

In six weeks, the Nextcloud Conference 2018 kicks off in Berlin. During a full week, Nextcloud contributors get together to code, write Nextcloud apps, improve design, plan new features and hang out together. And on the weekend of August 25 and 26, a program with keynotes, talks and workshops welcomes a large audience of users and contributors as well as people from other open source and privacy activist organisations. We’d like to invite all contributors, be it coders, designers, artists, translators and so on – and for those who need it, there is budget for travel!

Read on to learn more about the conference program.

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The program

Thursday, August 23 Open at 10, registration & hackweek day 1
Friday, August 24 Hackweek day 2
Saturday, August 25 Keynotes, talks and workshops!
Sunday, August 26 Keynotes, talks and workshops!
Monday, August 27 Hackweek day 3, Enterprise Day
Tuesday, August 28 Hackweek day 4
Wednesday, August 29 Hackweek day 5
Thursday, August 30 Hackweek day 6, closing up at 17:00

One week of productivity and fun: the Hackweek!

Nextcloud is a work of love – we’re here to change the nature of the game and put people back in control! With at least 300.000 Nextcloud servers out there on the web and certainly many more coming, we’ve been amazingly successful. Yet there is a lot of work to do!

And that is, in no small part, what the Nextcloud Conference is for. On the 23rd of August, we get together on the 5th floor of the Mathematics building of the TU Berlin, and spread out over half a dozen rooms, we code. We eat and order pizza (and other food). We design. Share cheese. And discuss. Throw frisbee. Sing songs. Well, maybe not that, unless it is somebody’s birthday… It is about having a good time while doing real, tangible things!

Frank & Jan recently went over the Nextcloud user interface and created a github issue covering a lot of ‘papercuts’, little improvements that will seriously improve the Nextcloud experience. Perhaps you want to help make one of those possible? Maybe there is something else you want to do? Write a Nextcloud app?

At the hackweek, we help you get going!

Key facts:

  • We start on Thursday, the 23rd, around 10. Go to the Mathe building and follow the signs to registration!
  • The event is 100% free, just like the code we write.
  • Same goes for lunch, drinks and snacks.
  • Please register if you plan to participate.
  • Not only is everyone welcome, no matter their experience, we are HAPPY to help beginners!
  • We want everybody to feel welcome at the event. Please be mindful of our code of conduct.
  • It ends on August 30, late afternoon, with lots of goodbye hugs!

Keynotes and talks

picture of 5 Nextclouders in 2016 on stage The team that started all this in 2010
On Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26, we welcome a much broader group of visitors: everyone! If you’re interested in Nextcloud tech, or privacy in general, you’ll be interested in keynotes, lightning talks and technical workshops on a variety of privacy and Nextcloud related subjects.

Talks typically cover progress and plans on Nextcloud apps and ideas for new features, but also all kinds of privacy related projects, ideas and plans. You can get a bit of an idea from the talks from last year, which you can find in our Youtube channel. Here is a link to the program from last year.

Submit a talk

Monday: Enterprise, don’t worry and keep coding

On Monday, we organize an Enterprise Day. Don’t worry, it won’t disrupt the hackweek concentration, as it takes place at Berlin Alexanderplatz, at the Park Inn hotel. If you are interested in attending, you can learn more on this page. Entry tickets are Eur 300, but until Monday July 16 they are 50% off!!!

Travel support

We want to help everybody attend and participate in the Nextcloud conference! We will provide up to 80% support of travel & accomodation costs during the event to people who have contributed to Nextcloud in one way or another. For instance, those who have solved some good first issues, worked on the design, organized a local Nextcloud meetup, or contributed in other ways.

Our goal is that nobody decides not to participate because they can’t afford it! If you need some help, please, contact us, we want to help you be there!

You have until August 19th, 2018 to ask us for travel support, however, there are of course limited funds (first come, first serve!) and travel prices go up so we suggest to ask sooner rather than later. Just email us on with details about yourself, your contributions and your estimated costs below.

Apply for support

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