Fresh from the conference: Nextcloud Android client 3.8 with U2F, TLS 1.3, Remote Wipe and more

We have made version 3.8 of our Android client available today, bringing a slew of security features with many bugfixes and smaller improvements to our users. If your phone hasn't updated yet, give it a kick and grab the new version today!

U2F device support integrated by COTECH

As said, this release brings many security-related features. First, U2F support was integrated thanks to the work of COTECH. The result is a usable login flow: At the bottom, a dialog indicates that user interaction is needed during U2F login. Users get assistant with helpful animations if they are not familiar with the concepts of security keys on mobile devices.

The most common security keys are compatible with our implementation. Users can use them via USB or NFC. Just a simple touch with the key on the back of the device and the user is logged in. But USB usage is similarly easy: Plug in the key and press its button to indicate user presence. Learn more in the blog by COTECH.

Using a Nitrokey to log into Nextcloud

Updated TLS support and added Remote Wipe

Second, some internal libraries were updated to allow for TLS 1.3 connections, helping sysadmins who have tight security policies on their Nextcloud server.

And last but not least, support for one of the major features of Nextcloud 17 was brought to the Android client with the integration of Remote Wipe support!

With Remote Wipe, users can delete all the data of their devices from the Nextcloud web UI, useful in case of lost of theft of a device. Sysadmins can instruct all devices to wipe their data in case an employee leaves the company, for example.

Remote wipe as a user, per device
Remote wipe as a user, per device
Remote wipe as admin, per user
Remote wipe as admin, per user

Here’s all the news from the Nextcloud Conference:

Last year

As it is the Nextcloud Conference today, we thought we'd share not just what is new today but also give you an overview of everything we improved in the client over the last year!


  • Trashbin support
  • Media streaming
  • Protection via device credentials


  • Editing via Collabora Online
  • set/edit notes on sharing
  • search inside text files
  • action on notifications
  • share file to Talk


  • Chunked upload: 1Mb wifi / 10Mb Wlan
  • QR codes for signup
  • deep link integration
  • direct camera upload
  • sync all downloaded files


  • storage path chooser for local files
  • show notes on sharing
  • show shared user as avatar


  • Chromebook support
  • delete push notifications via server
  • open files from Talk app


  • U2F support on login
  • crash report
  • TLS 1.3 support
  • Remote Wipe

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