Nextcloud and Collabora bring deeper integration to document collaboration

Collabora Online integration in Nextcloud allows users to easily and quickly edit office documents like DOCX or PPTX files in their browser, alone or together with others. To improve the integration further, Nextcloud and Collabora Productivity have been working together to integrate the Nextcloud Files sidebar in Collabora and allow images to be easily inserted from Nextcloud. This gives users access to the sharing settings, comments, earlier file versions and the file activity overview.

You can now insert images directly from your Nextcloud.
See avatars of other editors
Use the sharing sidebar
View and reply to comments
You can of course click any avatar to start a chat or sent an email

Many of our customers work with partners across organizational borders. Starting a public chat and sharing a open document in it for all participants to join, whether they have a Nextcloud account or have joined the conversation as public guest, is now a breeze. With deeper integration of such communication and collaboration features, Nextcloud continues to make it easier to get work done.

Michael Meeks, General Manager, Collabora Productivity:

These great improvements, and the tighter integration with Collabora Online provides productivity and efficiency benefits for our mutual customers We look forward to building further on our strong partnership.

Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud GmbH:

We see daily at customers that being able to seamlessly communicate and get work done on one platform is key to the productivity of modern, interdisciplinary teams. Nextcloud and Collabora deliver on that in an unprecedented way.

The changes are available right now in the app that can be downloaded from the Nextcloud app store in combination with the latest release of Collabora Online. Further work is planned which will be reflected in releases later this year.

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