New version of Outlook Add-in

We’re happy to announce an update of our Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in today! This new version introduces a new web login flow that works with all the SSO, 2FA and other authentication technologies available in Nextcloud, a new activity tracker, Workflow integration and more. Watch a video of the Outlook Add-in below or see it on YouTube. Read on below the video to find more details on what is new!

Web login flow

The first improvement we want to highlight is a better login flow for authentication. If you’re already logged in into your browser, enabling the add-in just requires you to authorize it to access your Nextcloud. Even if you are not yet logged in, single sign-on technologies like SAML and Kerberos as well as the many 2-factor authentication mechanisms in Nextcloud are now supported. That means if you have the great 2-factor Notifications app installed, your will simply get a notification to verify a login – secure without the need to fiddle with codes or text messages!

Activity Tracker

The second big improvement is in tracking what happens with the files and folders you share. If you sent a customer a link to a folder where they can upload files, you would want to know when they uploaded them. Or, if you sent a link with a file for someone else to download, it would be useful to be able to see if they did! The Activity Tracker provides you an overview of the links you’ve sent and if the files have been accessed yet. On the screenshot below you can see what it looks like: shares that have been accessed are green, those not yet downloaded or uploaded to are red. You can simply click the browser button to see the files, or click the search icon to see the email you originally sent.

More on its way

There is more new-and-improved in the Outlook add-in: workflow integration. We will blog about this next week, stay tuned!

For now, customers can find the new add-in on the Nextcloud Customer Portal. An improved version of the free add-in will come soon, too. Learn more about our Outlook integration on our website.

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