Meet us at the 36th edition of CCC – Chaos Communication Congress

Will you attend the 36th edition of CCC (Chaos Communication Congress) this year? It will take place in Leipzig again, this time under the moto ‘Resource Exhaustion’. We will be there and can’t wait to meet our amazing community!
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Visit our booth

We will have a boat this year again in the Open Infrastructure Orbit. Watch out for our big blue Nextcloud flag, and come say hi at our booth! Ask anything about Nextcloud, what’s coming next, how to get more involved, grab some cool stickers and tell us what you think about the project!

Event: CCC (Chaos Communication Congress)

Location: Leipzig,Germany

Dates: December 27-30, 2019

Find more details about CCC here.


Do you know everything about Nextcloud? We bet there are 12 more things about what Nextcloud could do that you don’t know and Jos will be talking about these at the OIO Stage. Come and watch the talk!

A dozen more things you didn’t know Nextcloud could do – Jos Poortvliet

“Consider this a follow-up from my talk about 200 things Nextcloud can do last year! An update on what’s new and some cool new stuff. What, what is Nextcloud? Let’s see. A private cloud is one way to put it, though that’s a contradiction of course. It is a way to share your data, sync your files, communicate and collaborate with others – without giving your data to GAFAM! Keep it on your own server, or something close (like a local hosting provider or data center). Nextcloud is a PHP app that does all that, and more! Easy to use, secure (really) and fully open source of course.”

Date: Saturday, 28 December

Time: 17:15

Already learned about Nextcloud Flow, coming in our next release? You can find out how to write flows in the talk by arthur!

“Nextcloud Flow is the overhauled workflow engine in upcoming Nextcloud 18. This talk describes how it evolved, how it works internally, and especially how own components can be built, so you can set up automatized tasks in your Nextcloud.”

Date: Saturday, 28 December

Time: 12:40

Check out the full program here for more talks.

We know that there will be other Nextcloud related talks at 36C3 but we haven’t been able to track them down yet, if you know of one, let us know so we can add it here!

The team behind all the organization of this awesome gathering still needs financial help to make the event possible. Check here if you like CCC and you want to contribute!

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