Join the EU Open Source Policy Summit 2022!

Join the annual EU Open Source Policy Summit on 📅 February 4 2022 organized by OpenForum Europe! At the EU Open Source Policy Summit, global technology and policy leaders come together to discuss how collaboration and competition are being rethought as we are innovating to solve the complex global challenges we are facing collectively.

As Open Forum Europe reports, The Summit 2022 is meant to reframe the conversation around Open Source and digital policy at the highest political level. Open Source is one of the most important vehicles to employ when tackling our digital challenges – not just in Europe, but globally. Ensuring transparency, accountability, digital sovereignty, cybersecurity, increasing competition in concentrated digital markets, the provision of cutting-edge digital government services, or for that matter, a digital post-COVID economic recovery, Open Source and the Open Source industry will play an important, if not pivotal, role.

Open Source Policy Summit

Open Source & the Grand Challenges

Climate change, current and future pandemics, digital autonomy, market concentration, and reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are all pressing issues that underscore the need for new institutional set-ups. But the world’s stakeholders have not been idle: modes of collaboration at a completely new scale are needed to find solutions to complex problems. This takes place in a day-to-day reality that is increasingly digital, where software is ubiquitous, and while we see increased concerns over autonomy in a multi-polar world.

Open Technologies and Open Source are at the heart of this new reality and are a source for optimism. ‘Open’ lowers the barriers to competition, delivers collaborative innovation, increases welfare, while letting end-users maintain control and autonomy. Open and collaborative digital innovation is no longer a theoretical concept. It is the modus operandi of companies and countries that engage at the cutting edge of the technological and societal innovation needed to tackle the grand challenges.

Register now to join global technology and policy leaders to discuss how collaboration and competition are being rethought as we are innovating to solve the complex global challenges.

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