In Control of Your Data, even on your Wedding Day

From enterprises and governments to freelancers and home users, everybody uses Nextcloud for countless purposes. We regularly like to share professional case studies with our customers, but this time we’ll talk about a creative, private use case at a, you heard it right, wedding!

Did you ever even think of using Nextcloud to exchange wedding or event photos at you or a friend’s wedding or event? Apparently, many Nextcloud fans have, and they did!

No ugly wedding pictures allowed!

A couple installed Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi and gave guests access to Wifi so they could upload the photos that they took during the wedding. The intent was to get a ton of awesome wedding photos, while at the same time take advantage of the opportunity to disconnect everybody from the internet, stopping any bothering interruptions during the whole ceremony.

Rumor has it that they even stopped uncle from posting awkward, badly taken pictures on social media before they reviewed everything!

In control of their data even on their wedding day, yay!

You could do a lot more!

This is just one unique story of many in which our private users used Nextcloud. There are really endless apps and possibilities, however, in the case of our wedding story, you could even:

  • Use Nextcloud Calendar to send invitations via email (e-vites) and confirm your guest list
  • Use Nextcloud Forms to inquire about guest allergies and food preferences for the menu
  • Share photos taken by the professional photographer during the wedding
  • Organize a small wedding affair by using Nextcloud Deck

This is merely just to show the scope of what you can do, and we are aware of more cool use cases, so stay tuned!

What is your most creative use of Nextcloud?

We’d love to hear about the cool stuff you’re doing or have done with your Nextcloud! Share your brilliance and inspire other people. Top picks will get featured on our blog!

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