Here’s what our community has to say about Nextcloud!

Hello Nextclouders!

A few weeks ago we surveyed our community members to find out how you all feel about Nextcloud, how you use the software, which are your favourite components, the less favourite ones and a bit of what you expect in the future. 1015 people answered the survey; you might be one of them.

In this blog post we will highlight the main responses, so you can also see how other people answered.

If you would like to see more details about the survey and share opinions, thoughts or analyze the results, feel free to continue in the forum discussion here

We are happy to see that on average, respondents rated their likelihood for recommending Nextcloud as 8,8. Thank you, everyone! We promise we’ll keep doing better 🙂


Here are some positive quotes from the participants, that reflect what was their motivation for installing Nextcloud in the first place!

“Reliable, works on an RPi home server. Easy to install & maintain. Very feature rich & expandable with apps.”

“I love Nextcloud and the security, privacy, and many features that it provides.”

“Free, open source and dealing with a company with no hidden agendas.”

“It’s a comprehensive and private alternative to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.”

“It does the job of online working together, sharing files, documents, videos. Keep up the good work of adding new functionality.”

Use cases and favorite apps

We asked you to answer questions about the use case, your installation, architecture, hosting type, number of users per instance, number of admins managing it etc. We found out that 73% of participants installed Nextcloud for personal use.

There were also questions about which apps you have installed, which ones you enjoy the most and which ones you’re not particularly interested in.

Files, Calendar, Contact are the top 3 most used functions, followed by productivity apps like Notes, Deck and Tasks.

The favourite app turned out to be Calendar!

45% of the participants use an office suite alongside Nextcloud, the majority of these (43%) use OnlyOffice followed by Collabora code app (37%). 34% of the participants use Talk, with or without HPB.

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