Fresh from the conference: Nextcloud Desktop client 2.6.0RC1 with new Login Flow, second test version of Virtual Drive

We have just made available a release candidate of the Nextcloud Desktop client with a large number of fixes and improvements including a rework of our login flow. The new login flow uses the system browser, which should improve compatibility with many servers, especially those with tight security settings or non-standard authentication mechanisms.

Talking of authentication, the client now fully supports Client-side SSL Certificates for authentication and the new Windows build also supports TLS 1.3! You can grab the new client now.

Second, today we’ll make available a new test version of our Virtual Drive build of the client, and we’re looking for feedback on the progress we’ve made!

As always, a big thank-you goes to our community of contributors. Note that we are still looking for new people to join our team!

Here’s all the news from the Nextcloud Conference:

EDIT: apologies, due to an internal miscommunication, we said that version 2.6.0 final of the desktop client was available, while the first release candidate has been made available and the final is expected soon.

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