First virtual events of 2021: Univention Summit, FOSDEM and CS3

With lock down back in force in many places, virtual events are gearing up. Nextcloud participates in a number of events the coming weeks, and we wanted to give you a quick overview!
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CS3 – January 25-29

First, today already, CS3 is kicking off. CS3, the yearly “Workshop on Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing” is an event run by some major European research organizations to discuss their file sync & share technology usage. A number of sessions covers Nextcloud:

  • Frank Karlitschek (Nextcloud): Nextcloud – State of the nation
  • Anders Bruvik, Gabriel Paues (SafeSpring): Introducing an open source Sync and Share solution in Sweden
  • Sascha Wiswedel (Nextcloud): Open Heart Surgery with 60 Terabytes of Data: Migrating 40.000 users from PowerFolder to Nextcloud
  • Sander Apweiler, Dr Andreas Klotz (Helmholtz Berlin), Matthias Leander-Knoll (KIT): HIFIS: Sync&Share Federation for Helmholtz
  • Olivier Paroz (Nextcloud): The benefits of using Nextcloud Talk
  • Björn Schießle (Nextcloud): OCM – from the initial design to a core component of Nextcloud Hub

We also have a virtual stand at CS3.
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Univention Summit – January 28-29

Thursday and Friday, the Univention Summit takes place, online as well.

  • Frank Karlitschek, Keynote: Secure and efficient collaboration in 20201
  • Workshop: From File Sync & Share to a Communication and Content Collaboration Platform

We also have a virtual stand at the Univention Summit.

FOSDEM – February 6-7

Last but not least, a week later than usual, FOSDEM 2021 kicks off! We participate with a virtual stand and a talk about Nextcloud in 2021.

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