Episode 16: Interview with Daphne Muller, Support lead at Nextcloud

In this 16th episode, our host Ingo talked with Daphne Muller, the Support lead at Nextcloud. Daphne shared with us the interesting story that led her to Nextcloud, her well-known Tedx talk on privacy and much more!

During my academic research about future of technology and also questioning how the future could look if privacy and open source become really big, if privacy would be truly respected, I was looking into different open source companies. And I was so excited to learn how Nextcloud has set up the organization. They manage to have a sustainable business model, good product, and happy users!

If we want to make progress we have to collect or hand out LESS personal data, if we do so we get better innovation, financially healthier business models, more competition in the market and most importantly, more humanity.

Tedx talk by Daphne Muller

Here you can hear Daphne’s talk at TedxVenlo about how we CAN have privacy – if we would make the right choices. And as we all care about privacy, we’re very proud that Daphne gave such an amazing and important talk. We hope it will educate many people on the benefits and possibilities for privacy.

Can organizations who rely on personal data collection ever be respectful of human rights? If not, are these good for our progress?

Help by liking and sharing this important talk to reach more people!

Find the feed on our podcast page and listen to the full interview! If you have not heard the previous episodes, check them there as well.

So tune in!

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