Desktop Client 3.0.3 is here with over a dozen fixes

As part of their monthly release cycle, the desktop team has pushed out version 3.0.3 of the desktop client with about a dozen fixes. We’re reproducing the changelog here below.

  • desktop#2479 [stable-3.0] Free IconJob after use
  • desktop#2491 [stable-3.0] Connect signal guiLog to slot to display systray message.
  • desktop#2498 [stable-3.0] Update propagateupload.cpp
  • desktop#2502 [stable-3.0] macOS: Fix memory leak in FolderWatcherPrivate::startWatching
  • desktop#2511 [stable-3.0] Windows MSI: Update Docs & add SKIPAUTOUPDATE property
  • desktop#2513 [stable-3.0] Handle redirects when downloading updates
  • desktop#2524 [stable-3.0] Handle ask for optional password capability
  • desktop#2533 [stable-3.0] Repair the Windows build
  • desktop#2567 [stable-3.0] Fix share dialog animation for enforced password policy
  • desktop#2570 [stable-3.0] Fix crash when clicking on folder with status 403 in the main dialog.
  • desktop#2576 [stable-3.0] Avoid depth infinity propfind for e2ee
  • desktop#2577 [stable-3.0] Expose branding values to qtquick
  • desktop#2592 [stable-3.0] Also output the event flags in the debug logs

Read what’s new in the 3.0 series of our desktop client in our earlier announcement.

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