Android Files app 3.6.0 is here with better notification handling, NC 16 features and storage path chooser

We’ve made available the 3.6.0 version of our Android client just now on the App store! This release introduces notification handling and Nextcloud 16 integration features as well as a series of fixes and minor improvements. Read on to learn more and see some screenshots!

Location picker lets you choose storage location
The app shows you the note you received with a share
Approve a login in notifications or the lock screen


This release brings some large and many smaller features.

    • When you dismiss a notification this gets communicated to the server so you don’t have to dismiss them twice
    • When a notification has actions (like accepting a share or approving a login) you can see and act directly in the notification drop-down or lock screen (of course the latter can be configured if you want to avoid this risk)
    • You now see the avatar of the person who shared files with you, like in the web interface (see screenshot).
    • You can now see notes added to a share by the sender
    • The file picker lets you choose the storage location

Minor changes include the removal of expert mode, a warning when the server is unavailable and when it is outdated (older than Nextcloud 14). Releases older than Nextcloud 12 are no longer supported.

As always, many other fixes and small improvements were made. We’d like to shout-out to our awesome community of contributors, thanking Andy Scherzinger for his work on the location picker, ezequarii for many under-the-hood refinements and ardevd for bug fixes, among many others! You make the Nextcloud Android app great.

So what are you waiting for?

You can grab the latest version from the app store. F-droid users, stay tuned, it is on its way!

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