An app update for Nextcloud

Extract ZIP files in Nextcloud!

With over 200 apps, there is a lot of functionality you can add to Nextcloud. Occasionally it just pays off to go check what’s new on and today we’d like to share a few recently new or updated highlights!

Working with your files

Nextcloud handles all kind of files, but only a number of those can be viewed natively. Apps can extend this however! You can see and edit text files and view pictures and PDF files out of the box, but Collabora Online or ONLYOFFICE add office document viewing and editing. Or install the Markdown app to edit Markdown files.

You might have more advanced needs. How about a 3D viewer for dae, .fbx, .gltf and .obj files? There is an app for that! You can also view Google Photo Sphere images in Nextcloud with a viewer!

Need to extract files in the Nextcloud web interface? Extract comes to the rescue – zip files take just a right click, RAR is work-in-progress and it works with external storage, too!

Not a viewer per-se, but a little different, the Linkeditor lets you create and edit external links in the filelist (.URL and .webloc). The links can be synced as created from your OS and opened from the web UI, also when publicly shared.

A step further

Let’s move beyond viewing files, and adjust the way Nextcloud works or add whole new features! Yes, there is the Right Click app which lets you use a right click in the files app to do actions on files. But there is more!

Tired of sending overly complicated links that are hard to remember or type in? Those times are over: Install Sharerenamer and send shared links with a human readable name! Keep in mind the security issues related with this: human readable names are of course guessable, so protect important data with a password if you use this app!

A great new app is the readme.MD app. Like developers are probably used to on Github, it allows you to add a specific file ( to every folder. The content will then be shown as header or footer to that folder. You can use this, for example, to help explain the purpose of each folder on your Nextcloud. This is of course wonderful for folders you are sharing with a group of people.

But entirely new functionalities can be added to Nextcloud as well. Did you know that if you use the German SPG-Verein software, you can access its data from Nextcloud? Simply add the SPG Verein app, and you’re good to go!

Carnet is a new, easy to use note taking app in the Nextcloud ecosystem, using HTML in the back-end. It provides nice features like for example Google Keep import, folder organization, keywords, search and an Android app with pin code protection!

Of course, those are only a few of the many really cool apps you could add to your Nextcloud. If you want more, have a look at and find the apps that will help you make your Nextcloud even more awesome!

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