Financial services

FinTech for compliant data control

Nextcloud offers a unique on-premises solution for financial services companies.

Growing regulatory pressure and fast moving technology forces the financial services industry to improve operational efficiency while avoiding the risks that come with a move to public and SaaS cloud technology.

Nextcloud solves this without compromising security.

Improved productivity

Modern collaboration technology is needed to stay ahead of the curve. Customers and employees demand data to be available anywhere through efficient sharing workflows.

Ultimate security

Choosing an on-premises product means you can guarantee your clients that data never leaves your company and remains 100% confidential.

Powerful server and client side encryption options provide ultimate protection for sensitive documents.

Complete control

Knowing where data is and who has access is crucial in a heavily regulated industry. Nextcloud combines advanced data access controls with powerful monitoring and logging capabilities to ensure compliance and auditability.

Raiffeisen and Hypo Banks in Austria

Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark provides the whole IT-Infrastructure as well as all financial applications for both Raiffeisen and Hypo Banks in Styria/Austria. As one of the largest IT companies in the Southern Region of Austria, they chose to provide Nextcloud to their employees because it has the most user-friendly (web) interface, meets their strict security requirements and is scalable and extensible.

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Client communication

Benefit from modern, fast and secure data exchange while keeping customer intelligence in-house for analysis and monetization.

Decentralized collaboration

Tokyo, London, New York – enable employees to access data and work together across devices without IT ever losing sight.

Protecting investment

Leverage deep integration in existing infrastructure, building on existing hardware, software and processes to store, secure and track data.

Compliant data handling

Enable auditing of events and processes at any time, to deliver the standardized and transparent reporting that is required in the financial sector.

Nextcloud Talk offering secure corporate messaging for SCM LIMITED

When SCM was looking for a simple, secure and well designed messenger platform that could be hosted on-premises, a decision was made for Nextcloud Talk. A Professional Services project from Nextcloud GmbH provided several features SCM required and today, the legal, human resource, financial and PR experts of SCM can easily communicate and collaborate during their business trips.

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Virtual Data Room

In settings where a firewall is needed between departments or organizations without impeding smooth and efficient collaboration, a separate Virtual Data Room can be set up. Nextcloud offers a wide range of unique features for VDR use and its on-premises nature offers unparalleled confidentiality and control.

Virtual data rooms

Assicuro Private Insurance

Assicuro chose Nextcloud to ensure confidential data exchange with its over 3000 customers and partners, enabling customers to securily share confidential information e.g. insurance policies. Compared to other evaluated solutions, Nextcloud offered an easier user interface, and a professional and more secure, extensible platform.

Why self hosting?

Sending around data by email or using public SaaS file sharing solutions does not provide much security for sensitive data. Encryption is complicated and cumbersome to use, reducing the real benefits due to employees working around them or making mistakes.

Keeping data on your own infrastructure or at a trusted local private or public cloud provider means you stay in control. Only then can you show your customers exactly where their sensitive documents are. Regulators can be certain that non-compliance with proper process is minimized.

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Most consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox or Office 365 were not designed with privacy regulations and security concerns in mind, mixing data from consumers and businesses, spread out in data centers across the globe. Enterprise IT workloads may be processed by Cloud Providers liable to the US CLOUD Act, meaning your business data can be leaked on orders of the US judicial system, often without disclosure to you.

Rather than trying to work around their limitations, Nextcloud provides a security-first solution which puts you in complete control over the location and access policies of data with a private cloud solution as well as a managed public cloud solution offered by local and trusted providers.

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Everything you need

Nextcloud offers everything you need for efficient, secure document management.

Universal document access

Be confident that wherever your employees are, they have access to the documents they need in a moments notice, 100% secure. Tablets, mobile devices, laptops and desktops all have access to the same files thanks to first-class Nextcloud clients.

Sync clients

Secure collaboration

Your employees can easily share documents for review or joint editing. Thanks to enforced sharing settings and dedicated user and group management, everyone only sees what they really need to see.

More about sharing

Secure file exchange

Sharing files across the borders of your organization can be done easily and securely with our file-drop feature.

IT stays in control at all times, enforcing security policy with the File Access Control capabilities.

File drop

Integrated in email

To quickly and securely get data to your clients or receive documents from them, use the Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in. This avoids insecure and big attachments and instead provides a secure, trust-worthy file exchange that does not direct your clients to a third party but runs on your server and your domain.

Email integration

Financial firms provide trust

Banks, investment firms, insurance agencies and other financial service firms are entrusted with the most confidential knowledge of their clients. Breaking that trust, for example due to a data-leak, is a career-ending mistake.

Nextcloud enables you to focus on your work, taking care that your data stays private and completely under your control!

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