Media and advertising

Secure and efficient file exchange

Sharing big files

Media and advertisement companies work with large media files such as images,
layouts and raw video footage. You need to be able to easily and quickly share
them with colleagues, partners and clients.
Nextcloud is the perfect solution.

Easy access anywhere

Uploading and downloading large files via the browser, mobile devices or synced to desktops easy as pie and fast as lightning.

Ultimate security

Keeps your valuable files on your own infrastructure, saving costs, improving performance and keeping you in control!

Deep integration

Works well with your preferred creative tools such as Adobe InDesign, Lightroom, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere.

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How the German Radio and Television transfers terrabytes of data in and out of Nextcloud

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Exchange and share on your terms

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration features in Nextcloud notify users of comments on a file and let them seamlessly switch to real-time chat or video call communication to discuss a campaign or design.

Internal and external sharing

Creative minds from around the world can connect through Nextcloud, sharing their work in one location. Nextcloud lets you share any number large and small files with colleagues, customers and partners, seamlessly and easily.

More about sharing

The source of inspiration is in what you see and who you touch. Sharing with others and working together are central to creativity and results!

Reduce risk, improve customer communication and productivity while cutting operational expenses with the leading content collaboration platform.

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Discuss your work

Users can comment on files and see what files have new comments. The interface auto-completes user names for easy mentioning of others so they get notified.

With Nextcloud, sharing and collaboration are the same thing.

Communication the way you need it

Any user avatar can be clicked to start a real-time chat or audio/video call, moving seamlessly from asynchronous communication to real-time.

Nextcloud provides a single platform for communication, reducing the number of channels and making collaboration more efficient.

Secure, efficient Digital Asset Management

Tags, automatic categorization and full text search make finding your files a breeze. Tune your work flow to optimize accessibility and efficiency.

The Nextcloud File Access Control feature ensures your data stays completely under your control, blocking unauthorized access according to definitions your IT team can set.

Guarantee your customers 100% legal compliance and secure handling of even their most sensitive data!

Workflow features

Secure sharing by mail

A creative manager can easily share files to a remote freelancer or a photographer and vice-versa via the Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Plugin, avoiding large email attachments, reducing traffic and increasing speed.

Email integration

Advertising is all about collaboration.

You need to work efficiently with colleagues, partners and clients, without having to forego privacy and security.

Nextcloud enables you to focus on creativity, taking care that your data stays accessible and under your control!

Try Nextcloud Files

No limitations

Wherever you are

Nextcloud runs on your infrastructure, making data accessible to your team anywhere, anytime

Unlimited everything

Nextcloud has no limits other than the size of your file storage system. However big the file, however many you have or people you share with, Nextcloud will serve the users the data they need at lighting speed.

Whether you keep data on a NAS, FTP, NFS, Windows Network Drive, Amazon S3 or other object storage, Nextcloud provides seamless access, sharing and collaboration.

External storage

At any scale

Offices all over the world? Need to keep data from Singapore and Brisbane separate from data in London and New York? Need some data in both places and others only in one?

Nextcloud Global Scale offers a unique solution to global availability of data at incredible cost efficiency. Store, edit and share files across any number of offices without limitations or losing control!

Global Scale

Key features in Nextcloud

Fully self-hosted, meaning all data is under your control. Nextcloud can leverage your existing storage, security and privacy policies. There is no vendor lock-in or tracking by us of any kind!

Nextcloud offers an easy to use user interface which comes with powerful search functionality, trash and versioning, favorites, tags and more ways to quickly reach the files users need.

Desktop and mobile clients for Windows/MacOS/Linux, Android and iOS complement the web interface, integrating in the file system. Nextcloud can also be reached through WebDAV.

Authentication through LDAP / Active Directory, Kerberos and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 and more and external storage supporting NFS, Object Storage and other protocols ensure easy integration.

First-class security policies, extensive security hardening features and File Access Control to ensure legal and privacy regulations are enforced at all times. Nextcloud comes with integrated logging, two-factor authentication and NIST compliant password policy control functionalities.

Nextcloud offers fine-grained control from mobile, desktop or the Web over data access and sharing capabilities. Advanced quota management with configurable accounting of external storage and configurable file retention policies.

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