Nextcloud Desktop client 2.6.1 brings remote wipe, dark mode support to Mac OS X and more!

Desktop client 2.6.1

The Nextcloud Desktop client has been updated again with a number of nice improvements. Last week we made minor release 2.6.1 available!

🔒 First release with support for OpenSSL 1.1.1d and TLS 1.3 on all platforms\
🧹 Remote Wipe\
🐞 Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements\
🌃 Mac: Initial Dark Mode support (some known issues)

Check the full changelog.

Remote wipe

Remote wipe allows users and administrators to forcibly clean files from remote devices, for example in case they are stolen. Now this feature is available on the Nextcloud Desktop client as well!

While many companies have Mobile Device Management, thanks to built-in support, remote wipe will work on systems not under management of the company. This is useful for home users but also large universities and of course in a scenario where guest accounts were handed to a third party. If you permit downloading of documents by the third party, you can wipe the documents from their devices when the the collaboration has ended.

Dark mode

Enabling the dark mode while using your devices enhances visual ergonomics and reduces eye strain. It adjusts the screen colors according to current light conditions, providing more comfort at night or in dark environments.

This version of the Desktop client brings initial dark mode support to Mac OS X. Some issues are already known and we will be working on fixing these as well as bring many more cool improvements until the next release!

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