Time for the next contributor week in Berlin – March 23-27!

NOTE: due to the current health crisis, we have to move the contributor week online. We’ll plan another in-person meeting once we know more about what’s happening in the world wrt the current outbreak! See our blog with more details here.

The beginning of 2020 was very exciting for us! In mid-January, we concluded another successful Contributor week. We’ve worked on improvements for Nextcloud 18, focused on Nextcloud 19 and of course, spent quality time together!

But on top of that, we announced Nextcloud Hub – a new generation of Nextcloud! The event was a perfect place to network, share ideas, ask questions and we are so happy for everyone who came or who watched the live video streaming!

Time for the next contributor week!

Let’s meet and work all together again! All Nextcloud contributors are warmly invited to join us on March 23-27, 2020 in Berlin. We will be so happy to welcome you again, work, have fun and have a chat with you!

Practical information

Date: March 23-27.

Location: Acama Hotel, Berlin. Once you’re there, ask for the seminar room at the reception.

Address: Tempelhofer 8-9, Berlin

Bring: The usual stuff – your laptop, and enthusiasm!

Some cool information: Our office in Berlin is one block away which means you can also stop by there too and say hi! Once you’re there, ring the bell and find us on the fourth floor.

Berlin office address: Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24, Berlin.


As usual, there are topics we want to focus on during this week. Nextcloud Hub is here so we’ll this time plan and work on Nextcloud 19. We hope to help people get involved and look at the state of our apps and work on preparing and improving everything for the upcoming release.

What is this Contributor Week you speak of?

If you have known Nextcloud for a while, you may have heard about these focused work weeks when we used to call them “Hackweek”. Contributor weeks or hackweeks are weeks we decide to get together to discuss and work to move Nextcloud forward.

We focus on getting work done and being productive: going through issues, discussing and fixing them, working on our code and so on. Just more together, rather than remote as we typically do! It’s a Nextclouders gathering with lots of work and fun!

Travel support

On October 30th, 2018, we released our own program to support diversity in Open Source: Nextcloud Include. With this program, we provide mentoring and internships to people from underrepresented groups in the tech community, and – even more, relevant to the topic of this post – we help you to join us at events like our yearly Conference or our Contributor Week! Want to join us in Berlin? Check nextcloud.com/include and get in touch with us to request travel support!

Of course, even for those who aren’t part of underrepresented groups: as usual, all Nextcloud contributors are warmly welcomed to join us! For those among you where financial issues limit travel possibilities, you can email us for help.

How to get travel support:

  • Shoot an email to events@nextcloud.com, including links to your contributions. We’re accepting applications until March 14, but sooner is better. Note that we typically reimburse up to 80% of your travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Include your estimated travel expenses in the following format:
    • Travel itinerary and costs (Y to Berlin & Berlin to Y – (flight/train/bus) X Euro)
    • Accommodation expenses (March 23 – March 27 – X Euro)

Look for decent prices if you can as we want to accept as many applications as possible within our budget. As we can only support a limited amount of our community members, we will get back to you as soon as possible to inform you if we can support your travel or not.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop and help us get some work done!

We look forward to seeing ya’ll in Berlin!

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