Nextcloud for Windows Mobile is ready for testing!

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Today we’d like to announce that the Nextcloud community (by way of André “SunboX” Fiedler) makes available a client for Windows Mobile! The application is in alpha testing for now because it still has a limited feature set and would benefit from more input, testing and contributions from users. You can find the app in the Microsoft store.

Version 1.0.2 is out!

André has published version 1.0.2 which can up- and download files from Nextcloud, create folders and retrieve information like available storage. The client was build to seamlessly integrate with other Windows Mobile apps. Everything should just look and feel like you are used to. It also uses the colors of the Windows Mobile theme you defined.

The best news: the client is fully Open Source and is available on Github here.

André is already working on the next release – version 1.1.0. It will bring some more features, like renaming and moving of files and folders, you can pin files or folders to the start screen and it will also include some security enhancements. For a detailed list, have a look at the milestones.

There you can also see what’s planned for future releases. Already planned are features like creating and managing of shares, syncing of selected folders automatically in the background and multi account, multi server support.
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And there’s even more to come! As you can already see in the repository name on Github, we are working on universal windows platform (UWP) support. That means, you can not only run the app on your Windows Mobile device, but also on any other Windows device that supports UWP apps. And additionally, if you connect your Windows Mobile to a bigger screen, the app will make use of the available space by switching into the “desktop” mode.

Get involved!

You are a Windows developer and want to help?

Great! Pick a open issue from the Github project or contact us using Gitter chat. Join the conversation and make a difference!

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