Introducing Hub 5: first to deliver self-hosted AI-powered digital workspace

Our mission is to help individuals, businesses and organizations achieve digital sovereignty and regain control over their data. Nextcloud Hub 5 marks a massive step forward towards achieving this mission, putting the power of AI into your hands – in a way that keeps you in control.

New release, new possibilities

Nextcloud Hub 5 - open source collaboration platform

Hub 5 builds on all the improvements we introduced earlier this year, including the Smart Picker and it’s AI integrations, the cool new Nextcloud Tables app and more. Read on or watch our launch video to discover what’s new!

1st self-hosted AI-powered digital workspace

The recent developments in AI show a huge promise to boost our productivity. Yet companies and governments all over the globe are worried about the risks, many blocking the use of these tools by their employees or looking into strict rules around it. Risk of data leaks, fake news and copyright infringements pose a real challenge.

Nextcloud is the first to offer an AI-integrated digital workspace that can run on your own server and give transparency about training model and data through our Ethical AI initiative.

While AI offers incredible opportunities to improve the productivity of employees, the risks are equally large. I’m extremely proud that Nextcloud is the first in the industry to offer these capabilities without compromising the security and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Frank Karlitschek
CEO at Nextcloud

AI features and integrations

Our AI features are easy to use. Many work with our Smart Picker which is seamlessly integrated in all major apps. They’re accessible through the menu or by the click of a slash (/). And the best part: the AI features run on your server, not leaking any data to a third party! The new AI features are optional and can be installed from the app store. We updated and improved existing AI features and added some new ones. A quick list:

  • Smart Inbox in Mail and Related Resources
  • Face and object recognition in Nextcloud Photos
  • Background images in addition to background blurring in Nextcloud Talk
  • Image generation based on a prompt
  • Translation with Nextcloud Translate, integrated in Nextcloud Talk and Nextcloud Text to translate your chat messages and text documents
  • Nextcloud Dictation for voice recognition integrated across Nextcloud Hub
  • Call transcripts of recorded video calls

These integrations are running entirely on the Nextcloud server and are completely optional. We continue to develop on-premises alternatives for other AI features, with further updates expected later this year.

For those looking to use external, online AI services, you can install apps from our app store that offer optional translation through Deepl and ChatGPT, DALL-E for image generation and ChatGPT for text generation.

Click below to watch a video of some of these AI features in action!

Note: All AI features are optional and can be installed or not just like any other app.

If you’d like to learn more about our ethical standards around dealing with AI features, check out our blog on our Ethical AI initiative.

Nextcloud Ethical AI

A collaboration platform designed for you

We’ve built Nextcloud so you can make it your own, to fix your needs.

We focus on 4 design principles to make that happen.

Nextcloud - Focus on content

Focus on content

Your data is at the center of everything. Nextcloud’s design allows you to focus on your work with all you need at your fingertips

Easy to use

Nextcloud can be configured to automate tasks and every product is integrated, so we get out of your way

Nextcloud - Accessibility


Since we want everyone to be able to use Nextcloud, we offer accessibility options like supporting a screenreader and font preferences

Nextcloud - Personalization


Make Nextcloud a home for your data and customize it however you like with backgrounds

We recently introduced some new backgrounds to Nextcloud Hub. For the next release, we’d like to solicit your input on what would be the best wallpaper to use! So get involved!

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